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Kletzki, Nina Sarah - Jewess, ns1

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TRANSFORMATIONS: physical, mental/moral, behavioral

“Jewish women…describe their “Jewish” appearance as more buxom, darker, hairier….Some of these perceptions may be accurate.”

– Susan Schneider (Jewess), Jewish and Female (NY, 1984), p. 244

Rosen, Clyda Sarah 0177j

Jewess: Clyda Sarah Rosen (Type II/#A2)


“Pronounced differences can be seen in the soft parts of the face. In the case of Jews, more commonly among the females, the ‘almond eye’ is found: the inner corner of the eye is rounded, while the outer corner is inclined to be pointed and turned upward. In most cases the lips are somewhat fleshy, and above all the outward-turned lower lip is noticeable….The ‘Jewish nose’ has been often described. It is characterized by the fact that the tip of the nose is hook-shaped and bent downward. Viewed from the side, the shape of a ‘6’ thus results. The head hair in the case of the Jews is less frequently straight and more usually twisted in a spiral manner than is the case with German ethnics…body hair is often especially heavy among Jews of both sexes. During the course of growth, differences occur by virtue of the fact that in general sexual maturity begins earlier in the case of Jews. The beginning of menstruation among Jewesses occurs occurs one-half to one full year earlier than with German groups in comparable climactic and social circumstances. The early maturity of Jewish girls is manifest in psychological as well as physical features…

Melamid, Karen Sarah 01

…thus it is certainly no coincidence, but rather the result of racial characteristics that psychoanalysis originates with Jewish authors and that Freud has made sexuality the central aspect of his doctrine.”

– Otmar von Verscheuer, “Racial Biology of the Jews”, in Forschungen zur Judenfrage, vol. III (6 vols., Hamburg, 1937-41); Jewess: Karen Sarah Melamid (Type I/#A4)


home page addit - via Lilith mag 01home page addit - via Lilith mag 02

Jewess: Louise Sarah Rischman (Type II/#A9), alias “Julie Williams”


“smart and sexy Jewish female, 22, new to New York City…a petite, buxom brunette with long hair and runner’s legs”

archetypal Jewshot 06 - Devin Sarah Brugman

“personals” ad placed by a young Jewess, in NY Press, 24 September 1984; Jewess: Devin Sarah Brugman (Type I/#D33)


“for 15-year-old Vivian Abramowitz…the year 1976 is filled with crises, from her peripatetic familiy’s moves top stay one step ahead of the landlord to…the cumbersome brassieres her blossoming body suddenly requires”

Bell, Arlene Sarah ns47

“Slums of Beverly Hills”, reviewed in Movies Unlimited catalog #40, Spring 2007, p. 14; Jewess: Arlene Sarah Bell (Type III/#A1)


'Do Jewish Girls...' - for HP

Singer, Roberta Sarah - Jewess, ns66Jewess: Roberta Sarah Singer (Type IV/#A6), alias “Roberta Pedon”


Home Page - 'Jewish...big hair, big boobs, big nose'

Glick, Chlesea Sarah 01

Jewess: Chelsea Sarah Glick (Type II/#B13)


Durkheim, Annelise Sarah - Jewess, reset for home page


Belzberg, Leah Sarah - young Jewess, w Jewbs

Belzberg, Leah Sarah - Jewess, ns1

Jewess: Leah Sarah Belzberg (Typ II/#Z377)


post the...OK, Jehn, it has returned…

Zernova, Helena Sarah - Jewess, ns1Jewess: Elena Sarah Zernova (Type IV/#L114)


Home page q via shromery

Klein, Karla Sarah - Jewess, 01a

Jewess: Karla Sarah Klein (Type II/#A1)


“…nearsighted Jewish girls with big boobs.”

Himmelfarb, Cheryl Sarah 03

– @ http://yoyenta.com/?p=3551; Jewess: Cheryl Sarah Himmelfarb (Type IV/#A4)


“quite early Nussya had developed large breasts…”.

Gurvitz, Batsheva Sarah

– Meyer Levin, The Harvest (New York, 1979), p. 106; Jewess: Batsheva Sarah Gurvitz (Type III/#R172)


Bergman, SN q for TSJ4 HP

Jacomini, Jane Sarah - Jewess, ns3

Jewess: Jane Sarah Jacomini (page pending)


Mandelkorn, Joyce Sarah - ns6

“So. There’s this Jewish girl…big tits, and with a slight speech defect. Goes the doctor for a physical, undresses, sits on table. Doc puts stethoscope to her ample chest and says, ‘alright, now…big breath!’ And the young Jewess replies,

‘yeth, and I’m juth thixteen!'”

International Encyclopedia of Jewish Jokes, vol. LXXIV, p. 649; Jewess: Joyce Sarah Mandelkorn (Type I/#A1)


Hammer, Jamie Sarah 04

“Julie Blaustein…a prisoner of her own ambition. She’s thinking of creatively editing her resume, but knows she really should sell herself for what she is…Julie has a buxom bombshell figure, big auburn hair, high cheekbones, and almond-shaped hooded eyes…”.

– Po Bronson, “Gen Equity”, in Wired magazine (July, 1999), p. 168; Jewess: Jamie Sarah Hammer (Type I/#A3)


Yonath, Adalyn Sarah 03

“Selfies…the rise of digital narcissism”, @ http://trueactivist.com/scientists-link-selfies-to-narcissism-addiction-mental-illness; Jewess: Adalyn Sarah Yonath (Type II/#V215)


“Tuesday: Adam (one of my friends from college and our sales guy) gives two demos and we had quite a few clients. I wake up this morning without a voice…a problem when we’re on a sales trip and the major active is chatting. I drink some beers, talk with a waitress, who’s yet another petite, big-breasted Jewish girl. Got a thing for little Jewesses with big tits…”.

Laren, Shay Sarah - Jewess, ns5a

“Oh so tired”, @ http://www.cardrunners.com; Jewess: Shay Sarah Laren (Type III/#D37)


“…Boston is a miserable place full of drunks, losers, and Jewish girls with big tits.” Marcus, Jody Sarah...a 17-year-old Jewess with heavy, pendulous tits– Louis C. K. @ http://www.laweekly.com/2009-03-26/calender/louis -ck-and-ye-s; Jewess: Jody Sarah Marcus (Type II/V213)


“She was in the audience again that night when he addressed a Zionist meeting in the Bronx….a full-breasted, wide-eyed young Jewess.”

Sachs, Mucia Sarah 02 001

– Gloria Goldreich (Jewess), This Promised Land (NY, 1982), p. 310; Jewess: Mucia Sarah Sachs (page pending)


home page - Barnato, Rinah Sarah + txtJewess: Rinah Sarah Barnato (Type V/#C26)


home page - Jewess Caro w txtJewess: Mirelle Sarah Caro (Type V/#B10), alias “September Carrino”


home page addit - via jury duty 01home page addit - via jury duty 02Jewess: Ala Sarah Passtel (Type IV/#A1)


Kronenberg, Leah Sarah - Jewess, ns4, alias 'Leanne Crow'

'Little Jewess w Big Tits - LJBT q

Jewess: Leah Sarah Kronenberg (Type IV/#A7), alias “Leanne Crow”


home page - Averbykh, Naomi Sarah + txtJewess: Naomi Sarah Averbykh (Type I/#A2), alias “Rose Avery”


“If ‘Wifemistress’, which opens today at the Little Carnegie, is going to be popular…let’s hope it’s for the right reason. The guiding force behind the movie is what might be called Frederick’s of Hollywood feminism, and it allows for scenes in which the spectacularly buxom Laura Antonelli, clad in a filmy negligée that has just about fallen off, picks up a pamphlet entitled ‘The Emancipation of Women’ and knots her pretty brow, as if she were thinking. Maybe she is. Maybe you will be, too. Neither one of you will be thinking about the emancipation of women, that’s for sure.”

– Janet Sarah Maslin (Jewess), New York Times, 7 January, 1979

Antonaz, Laura Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Laura Antonelli'Jewess: Laura Sarah Antonaz (Type V/#A5), alias “Laura Antonelli”



Davis, Ann Sarah ns2

“brevity…is the soul of lingerie”

– Dorothy Parker (Jewess); Jewesses: Ann Sarah Davis (Type IV/#C27), above, and below: Amy Sarah Wohlfeiler (Type II/#R179), alias “Lauren Redd”

Wohlfeiler, Amy Sarah - Jewess, ns77, alias 'Lauren Redd'


“Fifi Schwartz. An exquisitely beautiful Jewess….her body so assertive that…she always looked as if she had nothing on underneath her dress.”

Cherkassky, Zina Sarah 01

– F. Scott Fitzgerald, “The Hotel Child”, @ http://www.general-ebooks.com/book/257207-the-hotel-child; Jewess: Zena Sarah Cherkassky (page pending)


home page - Jewess Horvath w txtJewess: Tundi Sarah Horvath (Type IV/#D34)


“One aspect of the modesty/morality picture, which includes the rules about expressing sexual desire…is the matter of hair covering. Covered hair was at one time the most observably “Jewish” part of a Jewish woman’s appearance”

Gordon, Virgina Sarah large ns2Susan Schneider (Jewess), Jewish and Female, ibid., p. 235; Jewess: Virginia Sarah Gordon (Type II/#T197)


“mikveh is a ritual bath designed for the Jewish rite of purification. The mikveh is not merely a pool of water; it must be composed of stationary, not flowing waters….and it has always held a special significance for Jewish women. Jewish Law prescribes that Jewesses immerse themselves in the mikveh following their menstrual period, in order to become ritually pure and resume sexual activity….”.

Verkaik, Petra Sarah - Jewess, naked @ the mikveh poolBeth Wenger (Jewess), @ Jewish Women’s Archive – http://jwa.org/encyclopedia/article/mikveh. Jewess: Petra Sarah Verkaik (Type IV/#Z252)


Johannsen, Scarlett Sarah 04“I have already mentioned the rather strong dictum of Prince Bismarck’s that the union between a Teutonic stallion and a Semitic mare sometimes gives good results…”

– Bernhard von Bülow, Memoirs…I – From Secretary of State to Imperial Chancellor, 1897-1903 (Boston, 1931), p. 347; Jewess: Scarlett Sarah Johannsen (Type III/#B16)


“WE don’t say…’Jewess’!”

“I do. You…are a Jewess. And your daughter is…

Masserano, Rachel Sarah ns1

a beautiful Jewess.”

exchange, back when, between the femmeJew editor of Jewish Social Studies magazine and the present researcher. Jewess: Rachel Sarah Masserano (Type V/#B18)


“Sophie Spivack goes to her philosophy class. The teacher is a blond grad student, a German, Ted Pfahl….(later) she has a date with him. She’s wearing tight jeans, and a white scarf knotted into a kind of bra…

archetypal Jewshot 50 - Sophie Sarah Kestenbaum

…her scarf from Jerusalem. As Sophie strides down the street, she feels the knot loosening at her neck, giving way at her back…”

– Brett Singer (Jewess), Footstool in Heaven (NY, 1986), pp. 117-122; Jewess: Sophie Sarah Kestenbaum (Type II/#B16)


“potent young Jewesses, skilled in the arts of erotic trickery….they leaned above him as he sat there at the table, deliberately pressing their heavy breasts against his shoulder”

archetypal Jewshot 51 - Tess Sarah Kornicker

– Thomas Wolfe, Of Time and the River, @ http://jonathan-morse.blogspot.com/2009/12/image-against-exotic.html#comment-form; Jewess: Tess Sarah Kornicker (Type III/#J90)


home page - Jewess CherninJewess: Carla Sarah Chernin ((Type IV/#D39), alias “Carlotta Champagne”


“Leaning forward, though not too far, he could see through the uncurtained window into the bathroom. Helen Bober was there….He thought she would stand there forever, but at last she stepped out of her bathrobe….

Zakova, Anya Sarah - Jewess, reflecting on her Jewishness 10

….Frank felt a throb of pain at her nakedness….Her body was young, soft, lovely, with heavy tits….

Zakova, Anya Sarah - Jewess, T&A, 07

….and her ass like a flower.”

Bernard Malamud (Jew), The Assistant (NY, 1963), p. 61

Jewess: Anya Sarah Zakova (Type I/#C21)


“my breasts arrived right on time in the sixth grade, and within two years had grown into a full, glorious DD cup. It was clear I was supposed to be self-conscious about my boobs…but I secretly rejoiced in my buxom bounty. My super-erogenous nipples have also been something of a shock to men…

Jewess - H - ns1…last month I spent one friday sprawled topless on my bed while a guy twiddled my nipples until I came over and over again. My eyes rolled back in my head and my whole body bucked and twisted as he squeezed and rolled and flicked. ‘I can’t believe you can do this’, he said, as I moaned and clawed at the sheets.”

Jewess - H - ns5

– Elisheva Wolfe (Jewess), “true Stories: Boobs to Die For”, @ http://www.nerve.com/love-sex/true-stories/true-stories-boobs-to-die-for; Jewess: Elaine Sarah Pasternak (page pending)


Plaut, Mikki Sarah ns2“‘Your are’, Mast said as she arranged herself on the couch, ‘quite the alluring Jewish princess’. He was referring to an observable trait peculiar to her ethnic background…a definite tendency toward hirsuteness. She, on the couch, sat with right leg drawn up, leaving the other relaxed, foot resting on the floor.”

Oliver Lange, The Devil at Home (NY, 1986), p. 56; Jewess: Mikki Sarah Plaut (Type II/#D31)


Seligson, Susan Sarah - her race-confessional book 001

“Living life as a big-breasted woman has made me concerned for my safety. I’m not talking about the risk of getting my nipples caught in an elevator door, though I’m sure  it’s possible. I’m talking about walking home at night on a near deserted street when my breasts might make me appear juicier than the usual prey. But it was in benign daylight…that my breasts put me in the most imminent danger. Dressed in a tank top and shorts and out walking my dog one infernally hot summer afternoon in Boston, I was on a stately stretch of Commonwealth Avenue when I noticed a man cruising alongside me in his car, matching my pace and looking at my breasts….’Nice tits’, he called, craning his head out the window in my direction. Seconds later he plowed into a lamppost.”

Susan Sarah Seligson (Jewess), Stacked: a 32DDD Reports from the Front (NY, 2007), pp. 6-7. Jewess: Janicka Sarah Drucker (Type I/#B13, alias “Jana Defi”)

Drucker, Janicka Sarah - Jewess, ns1, alias 'Jana Defi'



Michaels, HP txtMichaels, Ellen Sarah 01Bernard Lazare, Antisemitism (Paris, 1894; republ.  London, 1997); Jewess: Ellen Sarah Michaels (Type I/#A5)


Lazarsfeld, Karen Sarah - Jewess; her confessional comment @ TSJ3

– Karen Sarah (Jewess), “comment” @ TSJ3

Kleinova, Liselle Sarah - Jewess, ns1Jewess: Leiselle Sarah Kleinova (Type III/#P153)


the Rabbis, however, had throughout to contend with the innate tendency of the Jewess toward luxury and display, and they passed in vain many Sumptuary Laws”

Baker, Marina Sarah 12– http://jewishencyclopedia.com/view/jsp?artid=822&letter=C ;  Jewess: Marina Sarah Baker (Type II/#R175)

__________________________________________________________ Farinelli, Patricia Sarah - HP txt– Gus Weil, The Fuehrer Seed (NY, 1979), pp. 232-234; Jewess: Patricia Sarah Farinelli (Type V/#C21)


Rome, Julia Sarah - for caption“One night I lay with a frightful Jewess…”

– Charles Baudelaire, Flowers of Evil; @ http://fleuresdumal.org/poem/130; Jewess: Julia Sarah Rome (Type III/#A3), alias “Julia Lyndon”


home page - Jewess Antonaz, txtKahn, Dee Sarah - Jewess, ns1

Jewess: Dee Sarah Kahn (Type II/#A4)


home page - Jewess Misch & Daily Fd 01home page - Jewess Misch & Daily Fd 02Jewess: Laura Sarah Misch (Type II/#D32)


home page - Kaplowitz, Patty Sarah - txthome page - Kaplowitz, Patty Sarah, JewessJewess: Patty Sarah Kaplowitz (Type I/#i88)


home page - Jewess Paul, Elaine SarahJewess: Elaine Sarah Paul (page pending)


home page - Jewess PriceJewess: Katie Sarah Price (Type III/#C21)


home page - Jewess Michaels as Judith

Jewess: Ellen Sarah Michaels (Type I/#A5)


“Dear Folks – Sorry I missed you on your trip to New York. But I was out of town, rehearsing at The Pines…”

– “Lee Meredith”, in Playboy, September 1973

Sauls, Judith Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Lee Meredith' - best ccJudith Sarah Sauls, Jewess (Type III/#A4), alias “Lee Meredith”, rehearsing in the nude….at The Pines, an exclusively Jewish Borscht-Belt resort in western New York


Dubinsky, Veronika Sarah - for hp– Robert Manning, The Wandering Jewess @ http://wanderingjew.freehomepage.com; Jewess: Veronika Sarah Dubinsky (Type I/#A6)



Sheffield, Sally Sarah 02

Sheffield, Sally Sarah 01

“the miserable Polish summer of 1939 drags on. Once, after a wasted afternoon practicing piano, I escape to my room…. Catching my reflection in the mirror, I examine the mysterious creature who seems to have taken over my body – a young woman with high cheekbones, dark skin, jet-black hair, and green eyes rimmed with amber. ‘You have Jewish eyes, ‘ I tell the stranger.’You have big, sensuous Jewish lips and big tits.’ But…I tell myself, maybe I can pass. I stare at my profile, trying to imagine one of those Jewish armbands with the Hebrew star set against my skin.”

– Walter Zacharius, Songbird (NY, 2004), pp. 6-7; Jewess: Sally Sarah Sheffield (Type I/#C20)



Haddon, Dayle Sarah - a Jewish offering T2

“the day before the mass execution, many of the most beautiful Jewesses – some already naked and others in various states of undress – came out of the ghetto of their own free will and offered themselves…

Jewess disrobing @ execution site

…those who had not already disrobed were encouraged to do so. Each submitted to a body search and then, with arms tied behind their backs and by means of a long rope looped about their necks and attached to the back of one of our vehicles, the Jewesses were led at a run toward our encampment…”

– Alfred Metzner, a driver for Einsatzgruppe B, describing a romantic prelude to the liquidation of the Jewish ghetto at Slonim, White Russia, July 1942 (Nuremburg Document NO-5558); Jewesses: Irma Sarah Margolin (Type IV/#C22), and Dayle Sarah Haddon (Type II/#C28)

Slomin, Elizabieta Sarah - txt + pic_________________________________________________________                                   ________________________________________________


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114 Responses to TSJ4

  1. Jake says:

    I was wondering if you ever came across this website – http://www.nudejewishwomen.com/vixens/

    It ran from 98/99 all the way until 2007. The reason I’m asking is because I’m trying to find pictures of one of the models from that website. I’ve been looking for her, for years. I thought you may have ran across the site in your research. If you have any information or recollection about that site or the models I’d greatly appreciate it.

  2. admin says:

    I think you asked this same question @ TSJ3. Same answer: no, never saw it. At the time I put out the original TSJ (2010) there was a site called “kosher girls”, with only a few Jewesses on it, but that’s gone too. Anyway, as far as TSJ3 goes, I’m in the process of moving most everything over there to this iteration, plus a lot of new items. This done, I thought I might take “3” down, but the traffic on both versions just keeps increasing, so I guess I’ll have to leave them both up

  3. Jake says:

    I did in fact ask once before, though at the time I didn’t have the website name. Well anyway, thank you for responding. Side note I’ll see if kosher girls may have used the same models.

    Keep up the good work. As a personal opinion though, I think those of us that follow your websites’ progressions, wouldn’t mind a consolidation to one website.

  4. anon says:

    I took a couple hours and scraped your site and made a backup version. It could possibly be more efficient to host. Its pretty easy to use, you just add a new folder with images, type out a line in the console to generate a new index file, and that’s it. Not restarting the server or anything. It doesn’t have text descriptions built in yet or any decorative css styling but I could add it. Its in JavaScript, no executable files. If you want me to upload it I can.

  5. admin says:

    TY for the backup, but…negative. I like working with it the way it is now. I you wish to put out your own variant of TSJ as a separate/related entity – under a somewhat different title – though, go right ahead. We can certainly share new material back and forth. If you do so, let me know the URL and I’ll link to it here. Be aware of the fact that, on some conventional site-servers (Google, WP, etc.), Zion will take note and eventually move in for the killshot.

  6. admin says:

    right. I’m gradually moving all the material from TSJ/I and TSJ/III, including comments, over to this site

  7. David Detter says:

    Kind of you to share!

    Mind if I hinted (in a good way) at this post in my Russian blog? I would definitely give you full credit for your work – no question about it.

  8. admin says:

    go right ahead. TSJ aims to increase public awareness of the erotic/cultural aspect of the Jewish problem…and its economic and political dimensions as well

  9. NatShin says:

    Lenka Sarah Yurick

    Quote, “Do other shots exist of a less-dressed Lenka Sarah?”

    Why, yes there is:

  10. admin says:

    welcome back, and thanks for your usual application of expertise. A few others on that site also created a strong blip on the Jewdar…By and by I’ll shift your and most all the comments on TSJ3 and TSJ1 over to this iteration

  11. NatShin says:

    I have an update on a Jewess I brought to your attention in the past. Now with full identity and new photos with a ridiculous story. Let me compile the photos and I’ll write back later.

  12. admin says:

    check. And when you get a chance, look at that particularly raw, rear-view of the Herschlag, alias “Natalie Portman”, on her page. I can’t tell whether its real or a fake. Let me know what you think

  13. NatShin says:

    Definitely a fake. My research tells me that is some model named Kimberly Kato.

  14. admin says:

    thanks. I’ll remove it

  15. Mike says:

    I stumbled across your site a few years ago, glad to see you’re still around. Anything that helps men become aware of TJQ, no matter how ‘out there’, is definitely a good thing.

    Have you got any idea if Sharon Stone is one of the tribe? She looks like she could be, but having read anything confirming or denying it.

    Also Katy Sagal (of Futurama fame) might be worth creating an entry for.


  16. Mike says:

    I meant ‘unconventional’ rather than ‘out there’.

  17. admin says:

    jewornotjew.com rates Stone at a mere “5”…despite two Jew husbands and all the other usual Hollywood kosher connections. Right now I’d rate her as an “Honorary Jew”, along with such noisy shabbatz goyim as Miley Cyrus, Liz Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and etc. There is a possibility of one Jew grandparent, and if in the female line I’ll do a page on her. Sagal of course is a pure Ashkenaz, but I find her – to put it mildly – unseductive. Doubt if she’ll get a page

  18. Have you ever thought about publishing an e-book or guest authoring on other blogs? I have a blog based on the same ideas you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information. I know my visitors would enjoy your work. If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e mail.

  19. admin says:

    not for the time being. When this site is up to speed – c. 800 pages – and the unique hits are in the thousands (instead of current c. 500) per day, I have a couple other sites, both currently moribund, that I’m going to turn to…one re the 1914-45 WorldWar, and one re Nazi-Zionist collaboration during the 1930’s and during the Jewish drama in WWII Europe. The latter I’ll eventually turn into an Amazon e-book and dedicate any sales income to Anna Baltzer and her pro-Palestine operation

  20. admin says:

    re yours of 12 June, 5:41 AM: well, where is it? Or did you get run over by a truck?

  21. Dana says:

    Hi! I’m Jewish. I’ve been looking at this site the last couple of days and I don’t know what to say. It’s fascinating and horrifying all at the same time. I don’t like this idea that we’re all secretly waiting for the execution pit. I’ve never felt that way. I love life. I don’t begrudge anything to anyone else. But looking at those reflection pics and some of the more pensive, expressive ones, I’m reminded of how I’ve felt a lot. It’s easy to get lose in myself. I’ve always thought reflection and introspection were good things. I don’t know. I have a morbid fascination with this site. I don’t want to have a page or anything but, just out of curiosity, where would you put me in your system>





    Also, I’m sorry Miss Dvorkin didn’t make the team. She’s beautiful and athletic. Was she one you knew personally? I notice a lot of college girls on here and I just got that feeling.

  22. admin says:

    Interesting comment at many levels. Psychologically, you are not race-typical…the fact that you commented at all proves this. See also Karen’s TSJ3 comment, reproduced above. Physically, you’re a Type III Jewess: light complexion, and (I assume) natural bronze-blond hair, all due to genetic drift and/or some prior generation AngloSaxon/Nordic intermarriage. As per your request, I won’t put up a page on you…anyone interested can click on the links you provide, for which thanks. The Dvorkin I don’t know personally. In fact I’ve “had knowledge” of just two of the Jewesses documented so far: Michaels, Ellen Sarah (Type I/#A5) and Blum, Stephanie Sarah (Type III/#D39), both NYC 1970’s – 80’s.

  23. Dana says:

    Thank you for replying and refraining from calling me Dana Sarah. Also, I think I accidentally inverted my own email in my first post so thanks for not confirming it. It’s correct now.

    Maybe I am a little like Karen. I see a lot of myself in what you post. Not the evil or the destructiveness but the pensiveness, a certain relationship with the world. It’s hard to quite articulate but some of your entries really get to me in good and bad ways. So I suppose it is atypical to post but I don’t think I’m that atypical. Of course, you’re not capturing me in an unguarded moment. I am never more self-conscious than when talking to someone like you. I don’t know whether to be confessional about the points that hit home, argumentative about what I find offensive and fallacious, or just trying to disprove your preconceptions by acting differently. I’m not acting like I would if we just met and I had no idea how you felt about Jewish women. I think I can say without boasting that I’m psychologically complex. I don’t get the impression you have as one sided a view of Jewish women as you sometimes give off. If you’re telling the truth, I’m sure Miss Michaels and Miss Blum could testify to that.

    I wouldn’t be horribly offended if I got a page. I was just saying I wasn’t demanding one. I didn’t want to show up and just be “Hey! Look at me!” and play into your every stereotype. Although I guess I kind of did anyway.

    One nagging and slightly more detail-oriented question: How did you find out Miss Estrin’s real name?

    Also, if you take requests from us evil racial enemies, I’d like to see your take on Mila Kunis, Ariel Winter, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj.

  24. Karl says:

    A few blips for you….

    Mary Forsberg Weiland


    Crystal Renn


    And a suggestion of Kravitz, Zoe Sarah, since you have some Beta Israel Ethiopian Jewesses but no Afro-Ashkenazi specimens.


    Also, this jewel, Spinrad, Hannah Sarah (née Gutterman). Not a known face but the image is catching and VERY Jewish in every way. I make her a low I by your system but interested in your thoughts/


    And an intense, arguably confessional blog from Jewess Blum, Hannah Sarah.


    Pics of the Jewess are interspersed with memes and inspirational quotes in the little box in the upper left. I make her a solid III by your system.

  25. admin says:

    – “I guess I kind of did anyway”. That’s right, and if I gave you a page here, you’d get the Tribal “Sarah”. Best not, for the time being.

    – re “Estrin’s real name”. I didn’t, it’s not. At any given time, about 10% of the names of on-site Jewesses are simply assigned by me, if/until I get an actual. In short, a Jewess by any other name…

    – Kunis: Ukrainian Jewess, high # Type I…eventually she’ll get a page; Ariel Workman alias “Winter”: ashkenazic facial features somewhat softened and rounded, hence a Type II…I am not happy about that de-Jewing tit reduction she got though; Stefani Germanotta alias ‘Lady Gaga”? I dunno….insufficiently seductive, probably no page for her. Nicki M. is not a Jew.

  26. admin says:

    thanks for these. Hannah B. is indeed a “III” and will get a page. Gutterman more like a “II” and ditto. Also Crystal Renn, another “II”. Unsure about the others…we’ll see.

  27. Dana says:

    “That’s right.”

    Ok. You got me. I admit it. I’m a bit vain. I don’t think that makes me a world destroying monster. And I guess I expected to get the Sarah at some point. I was honestly sort of thrown by your first reply like when does the other shoe drop? What were you like with the two ladies you knew personally? Did they shape your views?

    Anyway, here’s some more of me since we’ve established what a vain princess I am. Is it something you’d normally put up if I hadn’t expressed hesitance at first?





  28. Dana says:

    Mrs. Spinrad looks lovely. May I ask how you came across her?

  29. Dana says:

    P.S. Didn’t really think Nicki was but I can’t usually tell with black girls. There’s just something that catches me in some of her softer stuff that resonates. Maybe it’s the Indian in her. I see it in high caste Indian friends too.

  30. Karl says:

    I see what you mean about the Gutterman being a II after studying up a bit more. Here’s a better shot of the face.


    And a few more for your use.

    Shtricker, Romi Sarah. Type I?


    Gozlan, Sharon Sarah, Type I?


    Nosh, Lia Sarah, Type III?


    Granin, Natalie Sarah, Type IV?


    I’d also like to respectfully disagree with your initial assessment of Dana Sarah as psychologically atypical. Just Tribal narcissism and morbidity to that one. Not “complex” either.

  31. admin says:

    @ Karl: something wrong with links 2-4; same pic as #1. Yes, Lia Nosh a “III”, and the Granin definitely a crypto. Again TY for these. They’ll get pages too. Keep on eye on Instagram & Facebook for me, if you will; I don’t go there much. As far as Dana goes, I partly agree…the attention-whoring narcissism is there aplenty, but also…”something else”, deeper and darker…maybe that’s what you mean by “morbidity”. Behaviorally, though, there’s a difference in that while many Jewesses flutter around this site, few have the chutzpah to post a comment…which suggests some elements of race-realism and even Jewish “antisemitism”. Eventually I’ll bring all the 2,000 or so “comments” on TSJ1 over here…some real live wires included, among them a Rabbi’s unhappy, wayward wife who tried to spark up a sadomasochistic relationship with myself.

    @ Dana G.: the 2nd set of photos is more risque than the first; you are perilously close now to getting a page and the Tribal honorific: Sarah. And your “hesitance” fooled no one. What you are trying to do here (cf. Vox Day’s site http://voxday.blogspot.com …and his recent essay, SJW’s ALWAYS LIE) is penetrate and then “converge” this site, in order to make it “safe for the Jews” (see also: Esther, Judith, etc.). Same thing the Jew-MSM is up to in trying to anoint that faggot-Jew Milo Yiannopoulos as “leader” of the currently anti-Jew/White Nationalist alt-Right, a.k.a. (thanks, Mrs. Clinton), “the Deplorables”. As to the Michaels (Playboy’s March ’72 centerfold subject), no, I don’t think she (or the even briefer fling I had with Blum, Stephanie Sarah) had any great influence on me; this site, and my views on the Jewish problem, are based on the Law of Large Numbers and wide, long-term experience. Speaking of which: in the group-photo, are any of those young ladies nichtJudin?

  32. Dana says:

    I think your information is a little dated. Mr. Yiannopoulos’s next talk is titled “How to Destroy the Altright”. His flirtation with them is over. As for the rest, you describe me rather differently to Karl than you do when you address me directly. I don’t deny the something else deeper and darker. You talk about pensive-aversive attitudes and Inwardness and that’s what catches me. That’s what I’m trying, with imperfect success, to spill outward here.

    As for wanting to make this site safe, in some ways it is. This site isn’t a dangerous place for a Jewish woman to post. I said before that I was surprised by how courteous you were to me and, even now that you’ve chastised me a little, I would still describe your tone as warm. As to whether the content of the site is safe, in the effect it has on society or on her own self-image, that’s a different matter, but, if the lovely Miss Michaels could not bring you to our side, no one can.

    But it is a sense of underlying affection for your subject, even warmth, accompanied by your casual remarks about a “hypothetical” “resolution” that’s so fascinating to me. The fact that you’ve been perfectly involved with at least two of your subjects, and probably other Jewish women, and that you feel such evident admiration for Miss Baltzer, to the extent of wanting to support her work, only intensifies the feeling. That’s why it’s a little disappointing to learn 10% of the names are fake. There is an intimate feeling to your pages which loses something when you know that. You say a Jewess by any other name but we are all individuals with hopes and dreams and feelings. Individuals you seem quite appreciative of at times.

    Since I’ve admitted a vain streak already, here’s a few more pics. Take it or leave it because I’m not taking this “all the way”.








  33. admin says:

    yes indeed, Jewess. I believe you’ve crossed the line with this excellent 3rd set. You’ll probably get a TSJ page of your very own, though I can’t say when….there’s about 300 others waiting eagerly in line ahead of you, most minus clothes and featuring the racial rack. As to the hardLeft Jewess Baltzer, I support her activities because she’s primarily focus’d on liquidating the Zionist demi-state in Palestine. That done, most of the 4 million or so Jews who actually reside there will wander off to (currently) Zionist-controlled ‘Murka, joining the c. 7 million already here. Where they’ll be safe. Or not.

  34. Dana says:

    I’m glad you approve! LOL! I get the cynical, strategic reasons you support Miss Baltzer but I also get the impression there’s a bit more there. Maybe I overstated the point but you don’t seem to hate us. You seem to know us very well, to kinda like us despite yourself for the most part, and to still come to the conclusions you do and hint at desiring the carefully hypothetical outcome you hint at which you seem to paint as a tragic, beautiful, and inevitable outcome of everything special about us. That is the sense that I get from you and it is captivating and horrifying at the same time. If you were just foaming at the mouth with hatred, I’d find you easy to ignore. I don’t expect you to volunteer anything personal but am I totally misreading you or not?

  35. admin says:

    s’truth, I find the Seductive Jewess…well, seductive. She has been, as Georges Valois pointed out, an effective Tribal bio-weapon for 3 millenia. I could have done a site on “The Ugly Jewess”, but it wouldn’t attract anything like the current – and future – audience. As far as Jews in general go, once the present Tribal power structure/debtPonzi is broken, I don’t care what happens to them…what will be, will be, and if the general pattern of Jewish history is any guide (see my prefatory remarks to the Hollywood Jews page) the current apex is likely to be followed by a severe, perhaps terminal, nadir. Put another way, while I’m not generally supportive of a pogromist, SA-type attitude (though it can be fun: cf. http://dailystormer.com) toward the JP, I do favor a harder-edged, cold-eyed, objective SS/SD orientation. That said, there are, of course, a few individual Jews who are neither Universalist, government-mongering, open-borders, White nation-destroying Tikkun Olas or warmongering Zionists. In fact my favorite site, a hardRight aggregation nexus – http://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com – is run by one such. Another gut Jude might be the political writer Paul Gottfried. Give me a couple months and I might think of #3…

  36. Karl says:

    I was happy to see dear Hannah Sarah skipped ahead in line!

    I retract my comment about Dana Sarah. Not an exception to anything, of course, but an interesting, informative and even insightful variation. I think she adequately captured what I meant by morbidity, although I got the term from you. I can’t remember which specimen. I am not a pogromist either but, in the aftermath, if there are to be Jews in White countries at all (and I am not immune to the appeal of having a few, nor utterly merciless) I think they need to be clearly marked as a foreign element (I LOVED your yellow star becomes her section) and non-citizens. Just my thoughts.

    Unfortunately, I lost the original links for the ones I failed to properly copy above. I wasn’t just skimming Instagram. I followed these accounts from the #BongosforIsrael and #BootyforIsrael hashtags on twitter.

    Laor, Rachel Sarah, Type III?


    Especially enjoyed this pic of the Laor


    Blumenau, Eden Sarah, Type III?


    Daniel, Or Sarah, Type III?


    Including several nice pregnant images of the Daniel, like this one.


    Vernik, Liz Sarah, Type III?


    Particularly like this image of Liz Sarah


    Cohen, Noya Sarah, Type II?


    This is really the quintessential JAP pic, even though Noya Sarah is “Israeli”


    Tiran, Bar Sarah, Type I?


    And looking like the murderess she is


    Probably more from that source if you’re interested.

    I don’t know if you need more research on the ID of the Kravitz or are just not sure if you find her seductive. If the former, her ID is pretty much public record.

    “Kravitz was born in Venice, Los Angeles, California at the home of her parents, actress Lisa Bonet and musician Lenny Kravitz.[2] Both of her parents are of half-black and half-Jewish descent. Her paternal grandmother, actress Roxie Roker, was of black and Bahamian ancestry (and a first cousin twice removed of meteorologist Al Roker), and her maternal grandfather, Allen Bonet, is black. Her paternal grandfather, filmmaker Sy Kravitz, and maternal grandmother, Arlene Litman, were both Jewish. Zoë identifies as a secular Jew.[3]”


    And I found her quite seductive in X-Men: First Class.


    Looks like there might be some kosher meat in the 2017 Hooters Calendar. A better view will be available when it comes out but this was a strong hit.


    And this a hint of one and fantastic thighs so maybe worth a look.


    Also, genuinely asking, Ke$ha. Expressive behavior, Sebert surname, and facial structure are the vectors.


    What’s your read on Jenna Coleman?


  37. admin says:

    more good finds, thanks. The first 4 are all well-marked Type III’s, and typical of the Zion-in-Palestine model industry: the pick ’em for Jewish – but not TOO Jewish – looks. Cohen a II, and Tiran’s a Sephardic, maybe even Mizrahic Jewess. Kravitz is certainly a Jew by the Jews’ own racial laws, but I just don’t find this sort of mongrel (see also Alexis Silver, Rashida Jones, etc.) all that interesting; I despise mudsharking even when the shark is a Jew. The latter 2 are medium-strong suspects. Laor and Cohen, by contrast, are very interesting racial specimens, and will get pages fairly soon.

  38. Karl says:

    Ok. No more Ashkenegresses. No read on the calendar girls?

    Two thoughts that are a bit less Jewess celebrity/cute Jewess on social media than what I’ve given you so far.

    Lovecraft, Sonia Sarah , pictured here mature, modestly dressed, but still attractive and well-marked.


    There is a little mystery as to Greene’s birth name. She is a Ukrainian Jewess originally named either Sonia Hart Shafirkin or Sonia Shafirkin Hart. She adopted the name of Greene in the United States.

    What’s interesting here is that Lovecraft himself was a racial realist and his work, in addition to themes of cosmic meaninglessness, often focus on the horrors of an alien and unempathetic other or of miscegenation. While this often involved his Eldritch horrors, it involves a Negress in “Medusa’s Coil” and a fictional race of talking gorillas in “Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family”. Lovecraft’s attitude towards the Jews was more ambivalent but nonetheless showed traces of awareness.


    In the same work, “In a Major Key,” he describes the Jew as “another white race equal in intelligence” and then as “fundamentally Orientals, whilst the rising civilization of the world is Western—Teutonic—Anglo-Saxon. The struggle between the East & the West dates back to Marathon & Salamis, & it is the West which has ever represented progress & superior culture. The Jew is an adverse influence, since he insidiously degrades or Orientalizes our robust Aryan civilization.” One wonders if his marriage with the seductive Sonia Sarah influenced both his fascination with and horror at the alien. One the other hand, he described her in private letters as “well assimilated” so he might have believed, rightly or wrongly, that his views on the JQ didn’t apply to her. As for the Jewess herself, she was a “weird fiction” writer and magazine editor in her own right, although her work made little lasting impression and was often derivative of her husbands.

    This art of her shows a slightly younger, better displayed image that any of her known photographs.


    This art is an illustration from the Call of Cthulu game, based on her husbands work, which clearly shows a brash young Jewess confronting an even more diabolical horror.


    Another find is this meme, courtesy of @SarahSpotter88 on twitter who seems to fancy herself a student of this site and gives you credit, albeit more sporadically than she likely should and mistakenly lists some other Jewess as Ellen Sarah Michaels at least once so I double-checked her information on this.


    What’s interesting here is that this image, which is a classic representative of a Jewess physically and behaviorally, was not specifically drawn to be one or to address the JQ. It comes to us originally courtesy of Devamrita Swami, a new age yogi/monk who was teaching in Australia and was designed only as a general complaint against demanding, offended, SJWs. It’s therefore telling (but hardly surprising) that without malice or conscious opposition to the Jews, Swami’s intuitive and natural image of such a figure is that of a Jewess.

    Incidentally, in a false lead for researching this meme, I Googled the phrase “Offended Woman” and the results were a kosher carnival.


    I might go through these again and you might want to look through them but I’m not sure any one image is worth using. The nearly universal Jewishness of the results, however, is instructive.

    Throwing a few more known Jewess names out there you might or might not already be aware of. I don’t know if this is helpful. I don’t want to be spamming you with endless names when you have hundreds to do but I also would like to contribute. This site has been very useful to me since I discovered it and I’d like to see it keep being built up and having a larger and larger impact. Anyway: Sarfati, Lea Sarah (alias Lea Michele); Steinfeld, Hailee Sarah; Greene, Ashley Sarah; Schrode, Erin Sarah; Goldman, Emma Sarah; Luxemburg, Rosa Sarah.

  39. Ellen says:

    Ellen would never be with anyone so ignorant. Fake. And a woman smiling and laughing doesn’t show some unguarded malevolence.

  40. admin says:

    nice stuff. I wasn’t aware that the great H.P. married a Tribal; in the multi-volume collection of Lovecraft’s letters, published years ago by Arkham House, there’s quite a bit of anti-Jew philosophizing. Also thanks for the artwork…will put that up on the “artist representations” page later today or tomorrow. As to Ellen Michaels, see the next comment…apparently by Herself.

  41. admin says:

    Ellen Gruber, a.k.a. Ellen Michaels, Playboy’s March 1972 centerfold subject, has (apparently) honored us with a visit. Click on “Ellen” and you’ll get her current site, which features her photos of Central Park flora and fauna…and also an impressive collection of magazine and pulp novel cover appearances. Nothing, alas, of her undraped poses…some of which may, however, be found here: Type I/#A5, and a few zillion other netsites. As to the rest, Miss March, you’ve got the vector reversed: the Jewess’s expressive behavior (cf. your own pix) is generally characterized by a pensive, aversive, Chosen Person inwardness. In your case, I told myself at the time, “still waters run deep”. Now I’m not so sure.

  42. Karl says:

    I only mentioned Ellen Sarah as an acknowledgment of the occasional sloppiness of @SarahSpotter88’s work, but, upon researching it, I stand corrected. She simply had listed another Jewess who went by the same name.



    This one’s musical!

    As to your Ellen Sarah, I’ve avoided commenting much on her because I know it’s important for you to to maintain anonymity on a site like this and I’m also more interested in studies of the seductive Jewess as such than anecdotes about personal experience. However, I do have Jewesses in my own past and I know that, even if nothing definitive is learned from a handful of individual experiences, they still serve as imaginative and emotive touchstones for my thoughts on the issue. With that in mind, I am particularly interested in the lone clothed image of Ellen Michael, both on her page and in the “Inner Jew Revealed” section. At first glance, the picture appears to be an outlier in both sections. The Jewess looks to be laughing or pleasantly and mildly surprised, in stark contrast to the obviously malevolent glares of the other Jewesses in the “Inner Jew Revealed” section and even the intensely Jewish pensiveness in Ellen Sarah’s other images. However, revisiting the image several times, I eventually came to see a pure, alien malevolence and to regard it as the most perfect demonstration of the Inner Jew. I couldn’t help but wonder if that surprising, subtle, yet excellent selection was a manifestation of personal insight into this particular Jewess. Still waters, it seems do run deep, but those depths, in line with out earlier conversation, are Lovecraftian. Beyond that, the Jewess is to be congratulated on her work on the other side of a camera. I know it’s difficult for her breed to appreciate beauty outside of themselves, I will note that Tribal narcissism led her to include her old modeling work, even though it has nothing to do with the product being advertised on her site, and I hope she might indulge the same narcissism enough to favor us with a mature nude so we can see her subsequent development. Anyway, moving on…

    Having recently read your comments on the golem legend and modern superheroes, I submit Gadot, Gal Sarah, our new Wonder Woman.







    Non-buxom, but otherwise Type I?

    Also, from Facebook, Goldfarb, Rachel Sarah. Type III? Bit of a hippy with marked narcissism and People of the Book coding in some images. And isn’t the name alone definitive for this one?









  43. admin says:

    there’s actually a second, clothed shot of Miss March that’s as inwardly-revealing as the other, right at the top of Spotter88’s twitterfeed; I’ve added the full version of it to the Michael’s page. And if Ellen gets any friskier (she has made attempts to suppress her PB pix elsewhere on the net), I’m going to put up all the shots from her COQ (March, 1974) layout: a nude sword-fight sequence with a male model whom, of course, is mock-slain by the Jewess…in an archetypal update of Judith and Holofernes.

    Gal Gadot…yes, she’s been waiting impatiently in line for her page for sometime now. As to the Goldfarb, good find, but maybe or maybe not.

  44. Karl says:

    Would the Goldfarb be more interesting to you if she had a website where she and her lover actually ask people to donate to their perpetual roadtrip because…freedom?


    The next level of parasitism. I mostly just like her legs, though.

    I do enjoy the picture of Ellen Sarah you got from @SarahSpotter88. It’s an excellent pic of intensely Jewish expressive behavior. Nonetheless, what I found so interesting about the other clothed pic was that it wasn’t obvious. I now see it as one of the best pics of a malevolent Jewess available, but at first I saw it as not exactly atypical but not especially expressive either. Without wanting to get too personal, I can’t help noting that excellent selection came not just from one with a practiced eye but one with intimate knowledge of that particular Jewess at her worst.

    A fun fact about Bilson, Rachel Sarah, if you’re considering her, is that Sarah is her given middle name.

    Whoever you include, this site is a joy and I appreciate all your hard work.

  45. admin says:

    thanks. Generally, my decision to add this or that page is an impressionistic, spur-of-the-moment thing: I’ll be scrolling through the photo files, and a pic will catch my eye, often in connection with some anti-Jew text I can riff off it. Problem with the Goldfarb is she’s ‘effin ugly. Not seductive. I’d have to black out that gnarled face.

  46. Dana says:

    It? We don’t merit a personal pronoun anymore?

  47. admin says:

    don’t be getting all Talmudic on us, Dana Sarah…for present purposes, the distinction is miniscule. Upon reflection, don’t you think it remarkable that I allow you and other Jews to comment here at all? Imagine if I attempted to post the truth about collective, anti-White Civilizational Jewish machinations on this or that Jewsite: re Judeo-communist revolution-mongering; Zionist warmongering; the universalist, open-borders (except for Israhell) Tikkun Olam; Central Bank debtPonzi scheming; and the Kosher Culture of Death:abortion, porn, faggotry, and feminism. Any such post would be (and has been) suppressed immediately.

  48. Dana says:

    I don’t find it that remarkable because I don’t think it’s a sacrifice. I don’t think you stoically endure us out of an interest in open discourse. I think you enjoy our feedback, whether it be admissions that you’ve hit on something in one area or genuine indignation and argument in another. But I guess you do normally say she. I was responding to one page a few weeks ago.

  49. Karl says:

    Is there any chance we might see an article on the Workman in the reasonably near future?

  50. admin says:

    Who? I looked back over your prior comments and didn’t see anything on this one. If so, repeat. Otherwise, pics of her? Where?

  51. AbelLambStewer says:

    Wonder if you have anything on Avril Lund, Penthouse Pet from ’73. She’s a puzzle. Born in Dublin, Swedish name, “Sunday school teacher”, nordic face but brunette.

  52. admin says:

    I remember her pics. Big rack. But via my Jewdar, which is well-tuned, this one’s not kosher. Probably a nordic/anglo-saxon admixture.

  53. AbelLambStewer says:

    And dusky .. and hairrrrrrrr-eee. Check her out.

  54. AbelLambStewer says:

    “I’m going to put up all the shots from her COQ (March, 1974) layout: a nude sword-fight sequence with a male model whom, of course, is mock-slain by the Jewess…in an archetypal update of Judith and Holofernes.”

    for academic reasons…please, PLEASE put that one up. Where do
    i go to donate.

  55. admin says:

    when I get around to it. I see you put up another comment – which doesn’t seem to want to display – re my ex-GF Ellen Gruber, a.k.a. Ellen Michaels (Playboy, March ’72), who has recently visited TYJ4 and left an unfriendly remark. I’m going to continue to hold her COQ layout in reserve. If Ellen Sarah gets too frisky, I’ll add it to her page. She definitely needs a spanking.

  56. admin says:

    see reply, below.

  57. Antoine says:

    Id be surprised if this one wasnt using her real last name or choosing a tribe last name to signal that shes from the tribe: Della Sarah Fox

    Apparently an important nude pin-up in Britain back in the 50s. There is a big discussion about her here (but of course not of her origins)

    My jewdar really hits me on this one: http://pimpandhost.com/image/34893669

  58. AbelLambStewer says:


    I see you tease us with a photo of her clothed and with the fencing mask elsewhere.

  59. admin says:

    nice catch. She’s in line for a page.

  60. admin says:

    also Ellen Sarah has her own page: Type I/#A5, with most of her Playboy shots.

  61. Walt says:

    Remember Rusty Warren, the “knockers Up” party records gal?: Ilene Sarah Goldman


    You might think, “Records? who cares?” but those album jackets were the raciest thing you could buy at a Woolworth’s in the 1950s .. so they sold millions. And they had their effect: Wikipedia deigns to say that “she has frequently been called the mother of the sexual revolution.” *Frequently!* *Mother of*. She also helped fetishize the bioweapon’s most potent bioweapons: “Her most famous contribution to the sexual revolution was the song ‘Knockers Up’ from the 1960 album of the same name.”

  62. admin says:

    Thanks. I’ll check this one out.

    @Karl: most of your TSJ4 comments – with links I have yet to put in my fotofiles – are too good to delete at the moment. Let me think of something else to do with them.

  63. Karl says:

    I’m likely just being paranoid anyway. As for the other topic, there are too many excellent pics for any links to be more than my personal favorites. I’m sure you’ve seen them and will do whatever in due course. But maybe this should get an add to the Jewess in motion links. Unlike Megan Sarah’s link to the same site, this is all her.


  64. Walt says:

    Warning on Rusty Warren. Shes not “seductive” in the excellent sense in which you use it on this site. Perhaps because she was only adopted by a Jewish family. But she did ply the Jewish art of subversion of the culture through comedy records.

  65. Steven Smith says:

    Is Type IV/#K106: Velma Sarah Bazelon sitting on an open toilet in that main pic? How might one analyze THAT?

  66. admin says:

    kneeling, not sitting

  67. Fred Thatcher says:

    I have a question about the “people of the book” trope in some of these photos, signaling Jewishness. I think it’s a correct analysis. However it’s somewhat ironic because I’ve never known a Jew to read the bible, quote scripture or tell biblical stories, at least not in front of me, a goy. I know “People of the book” can mean a lot of different things that all apply to Jews, but actually picking up the Hebrew Bible and reading it for inspiration (with or without one’s clothes on) doesnt seem to be a thing Jews do very much. Much less than evangelical fundamentalist Zionists give them credit for. Amiright?

  68. admin says:

    I think so. Remember, the “real” Bible for orthodox Jews isn’t the Old Testament; it’s the vast and terrible Babylonian Talmud, which these Jews – and Jews in general – prefer that the Host (Whites) know as little about as possible: various intricate prescriptions for Killing the Best Goyim, pedophilia, ponzi-scheming, cornering markets, capturing legal systems, and so on. For that matter, the Old Testament itself also has some negative statements about the Jewish Project: “for ye are of the Devil”, “synagogue of satan”, “money-changers in the Temple”, etc.

  69. Fred Thatcher says:

    Thanks for your answer, but those are New Testament quotes, arent they? Ironically today, in light conversation, I quoted a universally famous verse from Proverbs to a Jew and he gave me a glazed expression. He either had never read Proverbs or he felt himself precluded to discussing scripture with a goy.

  70. Steven Smith says:

    Morena Sarah Baccarin

    Brazilian? Not much. Tribe!!


  71. Steven Smith says:

    this photo is even better

    so kikey shes even crossing the line to non-seductive :


  72. admin says:

    good catch. Probably give this one a page eventually.

  73. LenaExift says:

    Брюнетка в чулках https://goo.gl/tOB3py

  74. Sid says:

    I dont know how a girl gets a pair of oxygen tanks like Sheila Jessel at age 22 w/o being pregnant. Wowser. Leave it to Khazar.

  75. admin says:

    that’s about it. Racial-sexual Jewish genetics. As Georges Valois noted, “the (seductive) Jewess is a Tribal bio-weapon”.

  76. anon says:

    at least 10% to 20% of these ukrainians are jewish. you could find a hundred here:


  77. admin says:

    correct. And she has a page: Type I/#J90, Tonya Sarah Solarcz, alias “Busty Ali”.

  78. admin says:

    that’s about right. Thanks. Some of these Jewesses – “Busty Ali”, as above, Anya Zakova, “Felicity Fey” (real name Paschenko), etc. – already have pages, and eventually I’ll do for some of the others.

  79. Adrian says:

    Cassandra Sarah Silberstein is a real stunner. Has almost Tunde Sarah tits. Beautiful pose.

    Where do these Jewesses come from and why do they pose nude? Cassandra Sarah, though a Perfect 10, is not a spring chicken. And most jewesses do not need the money. Is it just to do their part to drive down the silly Goyim morals?

  80. Adrian says:

    In the poster of Hitler schtupping a jewess posted here:


    the poster decries intermarriage, assimilation and Hellenization. The last one caught my attention. Could find only one reference to Hellenization as a *contemporary* problem for Jews.

    are they still fighting B.C. battles?

  81. admin says:

    yes: porn is an integral part of the Kosher Culture of Death, along with abortion, homosex, and radical Judeo-feminism. It’s all a full-frontal (and very successful) attack on the White birthrate which, from Russia to Europe to North America, has now dropped below replacement levels. Meanwhile, the Jews (via a puppet political class debt-bombed into submission by the (((banksters)))) have taken down the borders and, in the U.S. alone, are further accelerating the anti-White genocide by insourcing, legally/illegally, c. 7,000 non-Whites per day. If present Jew-induced demographic trends continue, for example, Whites in America (already a minority of the population under 18 years of age) will be an overall minority by 2030; bantustan’d by 2050, and extinct c. 2070-2090.

  82. admin says:

    by “Hellenization” the Jews mean simply becoming “too White”. They want some intermarriage with Whites for purposes of genetic camouflage (see the Type III and IV Jewesses) but not the point of damaging their core gene-pool or universalist Tikkun Olam values.

  83. WB says:

    Admin, I’ve followed your work for a few years now, you stand alone in compiling such detailed files. A lot of Jewdars in the world of the Goyim are surely now well installed and tuned-up!

    I am preparing a video project soon to hit the net where these are displayed on Jewtube! I will give credit where it is due also.

  84. admin says:

    Thanks. Jewtube seems to have mostly Zionist content, so I doubt if it’ll last long there…anyway, send me the URL when it’s up and I’ll link to it.

  85. Johnny Mack Brown says:

    Re: Batsheva Sarah Gurvitz and so many others. They are simply the big-tit race, are they not? Who among the Christian peoples can compare?? Armenians? Greeks? Italians?

  86. admin says:

    at a rough estimate, the % of heavily-racked females among the Jews exceeds any other human gene pool by a factor of 3 or 4. It’s the long-term result of a race-specific reproductive selection-pressure involving a conscious, self-reinforcing feedback loop over hundreds of generations.

  87. Jake Koppe says:

    Hey, like your site even if you are an anti-semite.

    Some of the physical anthropology is interesting, as someone that comes from a Mischling background.

    On the subject of Marilyn Monroe many would say you’re nuts, but I think you’re on to something. The physical characteristic that I’m seeing with her is one I don’t see you mention as much: her ass.

    In my experience, Jewish or Mischling women often have bigger asses than other (white) women. No matter shape or size, the ass — even on a small-chested Jewish woman — will often be large relative to her frame.

    Marilyn has the same look as Scarlett Johansson.

    Natalie Portman is one that, though she is very petite, she has a relatively big ass (an apple bottom). A few of examples:




    Anyway, keep up the excellent work. I’m entertained, even if you hate me and my kind.

  88. Jake Koppe says:


    The genetic line of Jews — ashkenzi — has been shown to be largely white/European, at about an 80% clip. Jewsand gentile caucasians are very, very close to each other genetically; all caucasians are close family, from Persia to Israel to Germany.

    But yes, there are special characteristics in all the ethnic groups without our race. Endogamy does that — but that goes for all caucasian groups, not just Jews.

    I think you overestimate the differences between us. In the schema of race, we’re closely related.

    Food for thought. Though I prefer Kosher meat.

  89. Jake Koppe says:

    In the OT and Talmud, homosexuals are very much frowned upon.

    Lesbian sex has largely gotten a bad wrap, as it is not what would be called a great sin, or much of an issue at all. From the standpoint of both Jewishness and Darwinism it has positive traits; including being relatively clean, without disease much unlike sex between men.

    But sodomy? Absolutely anti-Jewish.

  90. admin says:

    you mean “been shown” by that palpable fraud, Harry Ostrer. The Khazar genetic origins of Ashkenazic Jewry are well-documented by Eran Elhaik, “The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses”, @ http://gbe.oxfordjournals.org/content/early/2012/12/14/gbe.evs119.full.pdf.

    when Elhaik asked Ostrer to share his so-called data, Ostrer refused.

    Sum: Ashkenazic Jews are asiatics with – and this I’ll concede in terms of my own classificatory scheme – an increasing amount of “white” genetic overlay as you move from Type I thru Type IV….types which roughly correspond with the generally westward wanderings of the ashkenaz over the past 1,300 years. The Type V sephards/mizrahics are, of course, also non-white, that is, semites, out of North Africa/Middle East.

  91. admin says:

    Organized Jewry currently promotes a kosher Culture of Death – abortion, porn, faggotry, miscegnation, Judeo-feminism – in order to cripple White reproduction. And quite successfully. Whether the Jews themselves are into sex-perversion (and they are) is largely irrelevant. They are not out, after all, to crimp their own reproduction.

  92. Adrian says:

    video removed

  93. Jake Koppe says:

    Well, I’m generally agreeing with you on phenotype. But Jewish women do tend to have larger asses — your site generally appears to ignore this distinction. It’s likely a Middle Eastern, Mediterranean genetic factor. So I would think you would be interested.

    Nonetheless, entertaining site.

  94. Jake Koppe says:

    I must say, I’m amused at your verbal sleight of hand. Sophistry such as yours can be dangerous, as far as the ignorant.

    “Asiatic” is about as pseudo-science a term as one could present.

    Selfsame, the “semite” canard is funny. The semitic peoples are an ethny within the caucasian race. They are, therefore, of the same racial family as Europeans.

    You seem to think that continent is race. A man in Iran is the same race as you. And he’s the same race as a Jewish man in Israel.

    The Khazars were a caucasian people.

    The idea of “whiteness” is as asinine as “browness”. Skin color does not define race to anyone but a fool.

    I tend to think you know this. But maybe I’ve overestimated you.

    Anyway, never be afraid to learn.

    Tikkun olam.

  95. Jake Koppe says:

    Oh, homosexuality is a major issue in Jewish communities. It’s one of the main reasons Jews leave their religion — the Talmud will simply not tolerate men sleeping with men.

    As far as women, Jewish women have a higher than average rate of sexual attraction to other women. From the time of Lilith, Jewish women have used their beauty to seduce other women.

    But there’s no great sin with the latter. And it’s arguably a positive genetic trait and outgrowth of Patriarchal societies. Basically, while sodomy is a negative trait in Darwinism, female bisexuality is a positive trait.

    But yes, the push for homosexuality in the society is coming from a selfish place. These people want to live their lives and be accepted.

    ADMN INTERJECTS: No, Jake, homosexuals, lesbians, pedophiles, transvestites, animal-rapers, and other sex perverts crave something more than mere acceptance. They are a diabolical narcissist Entitlement Group which seeks power. More and more power. Ultimately, the power to dictate moral terms to everyone else. Just like their civilization-killing Jew-groomers.

    But that type of thinking arguably comes from gentile culture rather than kosher; other great caucasian cultures accepted women marrying women and thrived. The Jews would not accept this.

  96. admin says:

    you have nothing to teach. Skin color, race, and civilizational type are – except in the case of nominally “White” ashkenazic Jews – absolute correlates. And in the Jewish case, the White overlay merely conceals a lethally hostile genetic substrate: your universalist, genocidally anti-White open-borders Tikkun Olam. Which is now playing out in plain view.

  97. admin says:

    no, it’s there. Maybe a problem with your browser.

  98. admin says:

    Med/ME Jews = sephardic/mizrahic. Type V in the schema used here. What is true: a hugely disproportionate number of Jewesses of all Types are big-breasted, which is why the “seductive Jewess” cultural trope exists in the first place. All so-called “stereotypes” are based on racial realities.

  99. admin says:

    no, not on my Jewdar. I read Ms. Stone – if Jewish at all – as a Type IV/crypto: bronze-blond hair, very light complexion, non-buxom, nothing Jewy about the facial features either. The Type II Jewess is darker complected, dark-haired, and has somewhat rounded, but still evident Khazar facial angles. The bright, positive expressive behavior here is also un-Jewish.

  100. maga says:

    so would Hershlagg be closer to a type v than a 2?

    She has a bright positive expressive face. There’s no sign of a racial rack and her big butt is her most seductive feature. Med/ME Jewish features?

  101. maga says:

    What about the pensive man?Is that a Jewish trait there? Is the femme fatale a jewish woman?

  102. snoop says:

    Portman and Marylin have negress asses. White women do not have asses like that. Both have the big bubble effect to the buttocks something seen in African negresses. Marylin ain’t pure white and Portman has that ghetto ass herself. The two probably have a very small amount of nigg heritage, maybe one distant relative. Those are not white butts. south americans have those big butts because their women have some nigg in them. the blacks carry the big ass gene.

  103. jontron says:

    Portman let fly that she’s bi.

    And Marilyn was into women too. She even seduced a 16 year old girl.

    What’s with Jewish babes and having the hots for other girls?

  104. admin says:

    internally, Judaic “civilization”/culture is a Matriarchy. Which produces an unusual # of weak, swishy, feminized sons and tough, dike daughters…either bisexual or lezzie. I can remember back in my college daze, when I dated alotta Jewesses. Whenever I met the family, the Matriarch was always up front, looking me over…the husband was always off in a distant corner, reading a newspaper or a book, or just not there at all.

  105. stuartsullivaniii says:

    1) Thanking you again for your most illuminating site, I will say this for Janet Sarah Lupo … her mature photos she looks much more Aryan somehow. 2) How did you identify Marian Sarah Opperman and Ariel Sarah Rabkin if I may ask, or are those identifications made with some sort of “poetic license”?

  106. admin says:

    generally, as the Type II, III, and IV Jewesses age…the physical/facial Jewishness becomes more obvious rather than less; I see the Lupo as a stable Type III, neither more nor less. Rabkin’s name is via the original source; while Opperman is an assigned name, pending discovery of the original. A Jewess, IOTW, by any other name as well. At any given time, about 10% of the documented Jewesses have assigned names…in some cases I eventually discover the actual name and apply, in others, not. For example kosher Playboy centerfold “Ellen Michaels” real name is Ellen Gruber, but I left it as is because the name she’s universally known by. Again, it’s the physical/psychological/moral Jewishness that’s the issue…not, for the most part, the name. Although that too can be of some significance when ID’ing a Type IV crypto.

  107. admin says:

    yes, it’s a general cross-gender Jew trait. And certainly an unusually high %, both biblical and historical, of femme fatale’s are Jewesses. It’s hard-wired in the genes. See the text accompanying Paula Kranz-alias-Broadwell’s page.

  108. Abel says:

    Today is a “Seductive Jewess blogmeister, call your office day….

    1) My Jewdar is definitely going off .. a hairy fetish female porn star, into revolutionary politics, Femen even, with a glass jaw, huge tits for a slender frame.

    Emily Nauert – Kings Wiki


    Berkeley Punch Detailed Analysis ♦ #AntiFa #MoldyLocks #Berkeley

    2) This one a little more obvious. A bitter end Never Trumper and psychotic Polonophobe. A Michigan attorney who is also a (((film critic))).
    Look at the wide disparity in looks for this Jewess from smoking hot to puffy lantern-jawed battle-axe.



    “Religion of Peace” E-Mail of the Day


    Ex-Fox News guest accuses Sean Hannity of sexual harassment

    Seriously? Sean Hannity Accused of Sexual Harassment by Anti-Trumper Debbie Schlussel …Updated


    Debbie Schlussel

    Debbie Schlussel
    Debbie Schlussel (born April 9, 1969) is an American attorney, author, political commentator, movie critic, and …

  109. admin says:

    my Jewmeter also reacted initially to the infamous Nauert…but has since subsided. More likely she’s an anglosaxon who got ruined by the Judeo-communist UC Berkeley environment…which I know well. We’ll see what else turns up on her. Schlussel is of course a well-known Jew neo-con Zionist agent operating in America. Except for the NeverTrump thing (now ancient history as Trump has taken off the populist mask and revealed himself as the warmongering Zionist stooge he always was before running for Prez), it does seem odd that Schlussel would go after a shabbatz goy – esp. on the Israel issue – like Hannity. Probably just a publicity stunt in parallel to the O’Reilly debacle. Who cares. Let (((them))) devour each other.

  110. Adrian says:

    Re: Yehudit Sarah Schaffner. Please stop. This sitting-duck goy cant take much more. She’s a 10/10 on the seductive jewess meter.

  111. Toryu88 says:

    Ass is not always ass. The look of Johansson’s ass is caused mainly by the degree of curvature she has in her spine. Add spiked heels and it exaggerates the rearward thrust of her buttocks even more. See the movie Under the Skin to see her naked barefoot and you see the curve of her back and the thrust of her buttocks.

    This study shows why men like heels and why the bustle was all the rage:


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