Type V/#J93: Yityish Sarah Aynaw

Aynaw, Yityish Sarah - Jewess, ns4
Aynaw, Yityish Sarah - Jewess, ns2in an effort to defuse growing criticism of Zion-in-Palestine’s sharp color-line by liberal U.S. Jews (“white” Ashkenazic Jews at the top, duskier Semitic/Mizrahic Jews in the middle, Black Ethiopian-Falasha Jews near the bottom of the heap, with each marrying almost entirely w/in its own sub-race and all three united only in dumping on the oppressed Palestinian Arab majority), ZIP in 2013 vomited up a ” Black” Miss Israel…the Aynaw. Needless to say, Israhell remains as is. For more on the aliyah’d Falasha, see the rather more buxom Keren Sarah Avraham (Type V/#J94), and Mamo, Esti Sarah (V/#J97)