Type V/#E44: Robin Sarah Avener

Avener, Robin Sarah 01 001
Avener, Robin Sarah 02 001
Avener, Robin Sarah 03 001
Avener, Robin Sarah 04 001
Avener, Robin Sarah 05 001non-centerfold sephardic Jewess (orig.: “Aveneri”) whose layout appeared in Playboy, July 1987. Non-buxom too, and overall a quite cryptic – ex. for the name – specimen of her race. Robin Sarah’s mid-1980’s involvement in strategic metal marketing is also of interest: this was about the time when Zionist agents in the Pentagon, with regime connivance, liberated two dozen (molybdenum) nuclear weapons triggers and smuggled them off to Israel. Her subsequent NY ad-agency machinations are also race-typical. By the late 1980’s the personnel of these peculiar institutions consisted almost entirely of sodomites…and Jewesses. Which goes far to explain how the Jews normalized faggotry as part of their full-frontal, Kosher Culture of Death (+abortion/porn/feminism) attack on White reproduction