Type V/#G67: Behar Sarah Kedouri

Kedouri, Behar Sarah

mizrahic Jewess, apparently resident in Zionist-occupied Palestine. Non-buxom but otherwise – symbolically and physically – well-marked. A few years ago, most Palestinians (and other Arabs) would, post-Israel, have been willing to accept the continued presence of sephardic, mizrahic, and other non-Ashkenazi Jews; these, after all, have been in place for 2,000 years or more. Only the invasive Ashkenaz would be required to leave. Not anymore, though; not after the 2006 Zionist invasion of south Lebanon and the July-August, 2014 Gaza Massacre, atrocities in which these “local” Jews played, as IDF members, a prominent part. Now, when the Palestinians regain their violated lands, all Jews will have to exit. Shouldn’t be that big an issue for the “Israeli” Ashkenaz, however, since half of them actually and already live in New York City, Miami Beach, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Hollywood