Type V/#E40: Martina Sarah Agronsky

Agronsky, Martina Sarah - Jewess, Jew ID
Agronsky, Martina Sarah - Jewess, ns1Martina Sarah, Jewish lingerie model of mixed kosher ancestry (Ashkenaz + Sephardic), has full, everted lips, big tits, and a rather dark complexion; the latter aspect via a sephardic mother. Here the Jewess wears panties and a nursing bra, permitting exposure of her nipples for suckling – or milk herself, using a breast pump – without removing her brassiere: due to their peculiar racial-sexual genetics, many young Jewesses lactate without pregnancy, while other lactate permanently post-partum. For instance, in pre-1933 Germany, so many Jewesses actually made a living renting themselves out as wet nurses to Aryan children that one of the first legislative acts of the New Reich put an absolute ban on the practice. For other nude, lactating Jeweses in this documentation, cf. Zabarenko, Deborah Sarah (V/#G65), Rebecca Sarah Brenner (page pending), and etc.