Type V/#D35: Mona Sarah Shalabi

Shalabi, Mona Sarah 01
Shalabi, Mona Sarah 02Egyptian Jew-actress who featured in a Egypto-Zionist propaganda flick issued shortly after Uncle Shm’uel re-installed the (post-Arab Spring) Pentagon-stooge military dictatorship. An Iraqi branch of her sephardic Jewclan – one Chalabi – was similarly involved in the propaganda run-in to Uncle Shm’uel’s 2003 invasion and eventual destruction of Iraq, an earlier phase in the famous “War on Terror”…which, as numerous unkind people have noted, has led to roughly 1000 times as many terrorists as existed beforehand. See also “War on Drugs”, “War on Crime”, “War on Poverty”, etc., etc., the net of which has led also to more and more gubmint …populated by shoals of rent-seeking, bloodsucking Jews