Type V/#G65: Malka Sarah Halevy

Halevy, Malka Sarah 01

only shot seen so far of this buxom, dark-complected sephardic Jewess, currently resident in Zionist-occupied Palestine. At one time (due to the long-term historical symbiosis of semitic Middle Eastern and north African Jewries with the pre-WW I Islamic/Ottoman Empire) there was considerable sentiment throughout the M. E. that favored the continued residence of such Sephardic, Mizarahic, and other local Jews. Since the accelerated arrival of the Central Asian-via-Europe-derived Ashkenaz during the 1920’s, the conquest-through-immigration during the 1930’s, and all the subsequent regional wars and massacres fomented by Zion-in-Palestine from then to now, though, attitudes have hardened. So it now seems likely that whatever fate eventually befalls the invasive, murderous Ashkenaz will also befall the native Jews. Which would be a tragedy. The lovely Malka Sarah and her friends should take heed, and reverse-aliyah to Zion-controlled America as soon as possible. Where they’ll be safe.