Type V/#G61: Emmanuelle Sarah Chriqui

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Chriqui, Emmanuelle Sarah ns5Sephardic Jewess out of Morocco, actress/model, currently residing in Bronfmanland-alias-Canada…before that nation lost its sovereignty to Jewish banksters and booze-billionaires. Not all that buxom, but Emmanuelle Sarah’s facial features are standard semitic, as is the dusky complexion. She’s likely a direct descendant of the North African Jews who accompanied the Arab/Muslim Conquest of Spain, c. 1100, and then waxed rich by doing the Moors’ tax-collecting, enforcing, and other nasty activities…only to be (slightly) expropriated and (partly) expelled when the Spanish people regained their nation. This the “Inquisition”, considered by the Jews to be a proto-“Holocaust”; despite the fact that, over a span of 300 years, no more than 500 Jews were barbecued or otherwise gooded: an average of 1.67 Jew per year. The Grand Inquisitor, Torquemada, was BTW a converted Jew. When Canadians/Americans regain their Jew-harrowed countries, it might be a good idea to have (for a change) a non-Jewish G.I.

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