Type V/#C20: Francoise Sarah Pascal

Pascal, Francoise - Jewess, ns2 - xl 001
Pascal, Francoise Sarah - Jewess, ns6 001
Pascal, Francoise Sarah - Jewess, ns4 - xl 001
Pascal, Francoise ns1
Pascal, Francoise Sarah - Jewess, ns3 - xl 001
Pascal, Francoise Sarah - Jewess, ns7 - xl 001

Pascal, Francoise Sarah - Jewess, ns8 001

a French-Sephardic Jewess, whose parents were among that 90%+ of French Jewry who somehow managed to survive the legendary HolocaustTM. And typical of c. 40% of the currently asserted “6,000,000 Jew” (that magic #, again) population  of Zionist-occupied who don’t actually live there, but merely wander back and forth from time to time on America’s – or in this case, France’s – dime. Physically – Zionist text aside – Françoise Sarah’s sephardic Jewishness is indexed by her quite dusky complexion (skin and nipples), facial features much more rounded than the typical Ashkenaz, while the big tits are an aspect of her general Hebraic genetics. This layout (Penthouse, May 1970) by Jew lensman Amnon Bar-Tur, who shot quite a few other Jewesses for PH and other ’70’s pornmags: in this documentation cf. Barshefsky, Ann Sarah; Simmons-Jude, Jacqui Sarah; Levan, Yaffa Sarah; and Berkovits, Carol Sarah