Type I/#Z253: Sylvie Sarah Roheim

Roheim, Sylvie Sarah - Jewess 01late 1930’s shot of this Parisian Jewess, a lingerie and pinup model… found at pinterest. Graphic Jewish facial features (less the nose-job) on this one, and her expressive behavior even more Jewy: note the aversive-sensual turn-and-lowering of the head, combined with a très elegant positioning of the arms and hands. Biography: arrested during the general, July 1942 round-up of Paris Jews, Roheim was deported to the Maidanek labor camp in eastern Poland. Where, during the mass execution carried out on 3 November, 1943, a.k.a. Operation Harvest Festival, she was shot. See also Paulina Sarah Braun (Type II/#i81), another of the c. 7,400 European Jewesses who went naked to the execution pit during the Maidanek phase of the Harvest Festival drama.