Type I/#Y249: Emily Sarah Peck

Peck, Emily Sarah - Jewess, ns1, via Anglinthe Peck is one of the vast herd of Beltway/Hollywood, hardLeft, kosher Culture of Death Jews who graze at the Huffington Post…the latter originally founded by Zio-NeoCon Andrew Breitbart, then converged by Reds, sodomites and other Tikkun Olas. H/t Andrew Anglin @ Dailystormer for bringing Emily Sarah, an outstanding specimen of her race, to our attention. However, let it be known that – since I favor a rational, objective, SS/SD-style approach to the JP, not this Sturmabteilung stuff – I would never, ever refer to a sublime (albeit somewhat ethnic) beauty like Emily Sarah as a “ratfaced kike”.