Type I/#W220: Sarah Sarah Manahimova, alias “Jasmine”

Manahimova, Sarah Sarah - Jewess, data
Manahimova, Sarah Sarah - Jewess, ns1
Manahimova, Sarah Sarah - Jewess, ns3current Russian-Jew songstress, with well-marked Khazar facial features. No surprise, since the so-called “mountain Jew” tribes of the Crimea and Caucasus are geographically quite close to present-day Armenia…location of the original, c. 700 AD conversion of the Khazars to Judaism. A dramatic historical sidelight on this Jewess: during the late summer of 1942, with Axis forces having conquered the Crimea and now advancing deep into the Caucasian Mountains, a couple of SS officers paid a housecall on the famous Jewish ethnologist Semyon Dubnow, then interned in the Vilna (Lithuania) ghetto. They wanted to know the bona fides of two possibly Jewish sub-Tribes; one the Karaites, lived near Vilna, while the other, Krimchaks, plagued the Crimea and the Caucasian mountain region. Dubnow told them that, in his considered opinion, the local Karaites were “not really Jews” while the Krimchaks were most definitely kosher. Accordingly, the Karaites were spared while the Krimchaks were rounded up and shot; cf. Hilberg, Destruction of the European Jews, p. 241. But (as so often happens in Holocaustology) evidently not quite all of them, as attested by the corporeal presence of the Manahimova clan.