Type IVc/#Z282: Ivanka Sarah Trump-Kushner

latest to join our company of Honorary Jewesses (w Monroe, Marilyn Sarah and Cyrus, Miley Sarah), is Zionist-stooge U.S. Prez Trump’s converso daughter, the lovely Ivanka. Converted to Judaism as ┬ápart of shabbatz goy Trump’s Submission Ritual, culminating with marriage to (((Wall Street))) Chabad Jew Jarad Kushner; one notes that the other Prez candidate’s daughter is also married…to a (((Wall Street))) Jew. Such a coinkydink. At any rate, Ivanka Sarah has delivered her first bundle of joy and, though one of the purposes of the Jews in marrying into the nominal goy elite is (in addition to power/control) obtaining genetic camouflage by breeding out certain repulsive traits, this initial try seems not to have succeeded too well:

Trump-Kushner, Ivanka Sarah - w her Jewish baby!