Type IVc/#Z281: Marilyn Sarah Monroe

Monroe, Marilyn Sarah - ID 03
Monroe, Marilyn Sarah - Judaic conversion
Monroe, Marilyn Sarah - ID 02
Monroe, Marilyn Sarah - ID
Monroe, Marilyn Sarah - Jewess, converso, ns8
Monroe, Marilyn Sarah - Jewess, converso, ns11
Monroe, Marilyn Sarah - Jewess, converso, ns13
Monroe, Marilyn Sarah - Jewess, converso +
Monroe, Marilyn Sarah - w Jew ID
Monroe, Marilyn Sarah - ns44
Monroe, Marilyn Sarah - Jewess, o7
Monroe, Marilyn Sarah - Jewess, converso, ns9
Monroe, Marilyn Sarah - Jewess, converso, ns10
Monroe, Marilyn Sarah - Jewess, converso, ns12

here’s what we know…and don’t know…about Marilyn Sarah: promiscuous mother (maiden name Monroe) not Jewish, but name and ethnicity of actual father unknown – she denied Mortensen’s paternity, but refused to name the real sperm donor; during the middle and late-1940’s, “Monroe” hit the Hollywood kosher casting couch (KCC) with the usual frequency AND worked as a messenger for the wiretap-shy Hollywood (((Reds))), i.e. Jewish directors, producers, screenwriters, agents. Not blond, BTW, but a brunette: Jew Norman Mailer’s bio mentions her seated on a toilet, painfully dabbing hydrogen peroxide on her pubic hair. Having gotten sufficient roles by the mid-1950’s as to be able to avoid the KCC, Monroe famously remarked, “thank God I don’t have to suck on any more Jewish dick”; but then did so voluntarily by marrying  (for the third and final time) a well-known Hollywood/NY Jew writer, Arthur Miller…AND insisted on converting to Judaism + Jewish wedding ceremony. Miller, BTW, was a hardLeft secular Jew, and had zero interest in Judaism. Finally, after the usual divorce, Marilyn Sarah maintained both her Judaic practice and Zionist allegiance to the end of her life. Upshot: the Jewish experten at “Jew or Not Jew” rate this “world’s biggest sex-symbol” as a Jew via these cultural nexi alone. Pending further information about the real father, however, we’ll tentatively classify Monroe as an Honorary Jew…though I myself suspect that Marilyn Sarah was a conflicted Jewess posing (i.e., “acting”) as a (fake-blond) shiksa, then, repeatedly and compulsively, returning to her Jewish roots. And with the further caveat that, in the event of an (entirely hypothetical at this point) future resolution of the Jewish problem in North America, individials demonstrating her sort of voluntary and intense immersion in all things kosher will likely be treated as Jews. In this connection it’s also worth noting that even the Third Reich never arrived at a consistent position on the handling of “cultural”, that is, non-genetic Jews any more than it did on the disposition of Jews in mixed marriages. In some cases, they were deported and executed; in many other cases, they remained at large.