Type IVb/#Z254: Gwen Sarah Ozaki-Morgenstern, alias “Hitomi Tanaka”

Ozaki-Morgenstern, Hitomi Sarah - Jewess, w name ID

Ozaki-Morgenstern, Gwen Sarah - Jewess, ns1

Gwen Sarah, gently mocking…her own Jewishness

Ozaki-Morgenstern, Gwen Sarah - Jewess, ns22, alias 'Hitomi Tanaka'

Ozaki-Morgenstern, Gwen Sarah ns77

Ozaki-Morgenstern, alias 'HT' 08
Ozaki-Morgenstern, alias 'HT' 14
Ozaki-Morgenstern, Gwen Sarah ns44
Ozaki-Morgenstern, alias 'HT' 12

Ozaki-Morgenstern, Gwen Sarah - Jewess, ns3 - freezeframe
Ozaki-Morgenstern, alias 'HT' 09
Ozaki-Morgenstern, Gwen Sarah - Jewess, ns7, alias 'Hitomi Tanaka'
third in this sub-section of Eurasian Jewesses (compare to the non-buxom Selesner, Lisa Sarah – Jewish father, Asian mother [Type IV/#Z253], also Biller, Francesca Sarah  [IV/Z255], and Cates, Phoebe Sarah [IV/Z257]), all Jewish in the paternal line only), Gwen Sarah – product of a Japanese father and ashkenazic mother – shows via the dominant maternal Judeo-genetics an archetypal racial-sexual anatomy: a petite, slender physique from which hangs a remarkable pair of pendulous Jewtits…indeed, so big and heavy that the Jewess’s nipples are barely north of her navel:

Ozaki-Moregenstern, Gwen Sarah - Jewess, ns11, alias 'Hitomi Tanaka'

a pensive Jewess…contemplating her Jewbs

is Gwen Sarah aware of and does she identify with her genetic Jewishness? Evidently so, as per this recently-discovered (12-23/17) shot where she is wearing the mezzuzah:                                                              Ozaki-Morgenstern, Gwen Sarah - Jewess, w mezzuzah, alias 'Hitomi Tanaka'