Type IVb/#Z251: Emma Sarah Sulkowicz, a.k.a. “Mattress Girl”

Sulkowicz, Emma Sarah - Jewess, Jew ID
Sulkowicz, Emma Sarah - Jewess, a.k.a. 'Mattress Girl' via Coulter
Sulkowicz, Emma Sarah - Jewess, data2
Sulkowicz, Emma Sarah - Jewess, ns1
Sulkowicz, Emma Sarah - Jewess, ns2
Sulkowicz, Emma Sarah - Jewess, ns4Emma Sarah, a Jewess (paternal line; mother oriental) at Columbia University during 2012-2015, solicited anal sex from her (White)* boyfriend, Paul Nungesser. He refused. Miffed, the sodomy-seeking Jewess than cooked up a fake rape event, and paraded about campus for two years lugging a mattress around to “symbolize the burden of being a woman raped”. Judeo-feminists went wild with joy. Campus apparatchiks cried tears of sympathy. Politicians applauded. Jew media fawned. Finally, after two years of this Jewcrap, the truth oozed out. Any retractions, apologies from all these Leftist cockroaches? From the malignant Jewess? Nope. And a few months later, same Judeofeminist scam at some other campus. And again, and again. Since the Jews and the rest of the Left are immune to facts, logic, and civilizational values, those of us on the hardRight will soon have to speak to them…in a different language. One they can understand. 

(*White co-eds are, of course, regularly raped, battered, and brutalized by feral negroes hired (see: “athletic scholarship”) to play ball games at this or that university. News of these daily and for-real events is, of course, regularly and routinely suppressed by the Jew MSM.)