Type IV/#S184: Lauren Sarah Simonsen, alias “Lauren Southern”

Simonsen, Lauren Sarah - Jewess, ns3, alias 'Lauren Southern'
Simonsen, Lauren Sarah - Jewe4ss, ns4 , alias 'Lauren Southern'
Simonsen, Lauren Sarah - Jewess, ns1, alias 'Lauren Southern'

Simonsen, Lauren Sarah - Jewess, ns2, alias 'Lauren Southern'

alt-Right reporter gurl noted for her refusal to say the “J” word in connection with the White-genociding, open-borders Judeo-globalization rackets. And now we know why: Lauren Sarah is a fake-blond crypto-Jewess of Danish extraction. And typical of the way Jews/Jewesses attempt to infiltrate and subvert every right-wing tendency in order to make it safe for Zion, and then destroy it. See also: Conservatism Inc. We must also correct Simonsen-alias-Southern’s version of Holocaustianity: virtually all of Denmark’s several thousand Jews were (with the cooperation of the local Good Nazis) shipped off to Sweden during WW2, where they survived quite comfortably. Postwar, these Jews – including Lauren Sarah’s grandparents – returned to Copenhagen, having lost neither life nor property.