Type IV/#S182: Cassie Sarah Fischbein

Fischbein, Cassie Sarah - Jewess, ns1, w star
Fischbein, Cassie Sarah - Jewess, ns2, w stardefinite crytpo, this one. Natural blond, with nothing Jewy about the face. Might have flown in well under the Jewdar and inflicted fearful damage on basic infrastructure. A one-Jewess Pearl Harbor. ‘Cept for the racial rack, that is, very big tits, and the in-your-face Hebrew star. The wearing of which, by this or that Jew/Jewess, is quite interesting from the psychological viewpoint. Jews in general demand and receive admittance to and command of every institution; yet they persist in asserting Choseness, both symbolic and actual. And don’t think for a moment that re-Ghetto’ing the Tribe will work. That’s been tried and failed. Sooner or later they slither out, and then begin the usual Tikkun Olas: murderous revolution-mongering from the Red Jews, equally murderous warmongering from the Zionist Jews, vast debt-bombing and financialization rackets via the Central JewBank, and the Jew MSM-inflicted kosher Culture of Death: abortion, porn, drugs, faggotry, and Judeo-feminism, all in order to collapse the host’s family formation and birthrate. IOTW, where we are now.