Type IV/#Q167: Gin Sarah Audibert

Audibert, Gini Sarah - Jewess, name ID 01
Audibert, Gin Sarah - Jewess, name ID 02
Audibert, Gin Sarah - Jewess, name ID 03
Audibert, Gin Sarah - Jewess, ns2
Audibert, Gin Sarah - Jewess, ns1Ginette Sarah was one of several semi-nude French Jewesses featured in a Playboy (July, 1967) feature on “The Girls of Paris”. Though her facial features are relatively assimilated, the Audibert’s Jewishness is vectored by her…very…big tits, as well as her expressive behavior: merely stolid in the uppermost shot and, just above, projecting the usual, racial, pensive inwardness. Just for fun we researched the – somewhat unusual – Gallic name for further confirmation. Checks out: evidently the Audiberts are a French Jewclan with the usual elite media/political involvements. And who, some 25 years earlier, along with c. 90% of French Jewry, seem to somehow have missed that eastbound train.