Type IV/#N141: Tula Sarah Finklea, alias “Cyd Charisse”

Finklea, Tula Sarah - Jewess, ns2, alias 'Cyd Charisse'
Finklea, Tula Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Cyd Carisse', ID
Finklea, Tula Sarah - Jewess, ns3, alias 'Cyd Charisse'frequently seen (((Hollywood))) stage-dancer during the 1940’s-60’s, Tula Sarah also had a few straight acting turns; for instance, as a battered prostitute in the original version of “Cape Fear” (w Gregory Peck & Robert Mitchum). Cryptic physically and sometimes passed as of as “not Jewish” because she had, at some point, converted from Judaism to Methodist Christianity; a somewhat stupid conflation of race and religion. Racially, of course, Finklea remained what she was: a genetic Jew. And, unsuprisingly, married within the Tribe: to singer Tony Martin…real name: Alvin Morris. Tony Jr. also kept it kosher, espousing the (Norwegian) Jewess Liv Sarah Lindeland…Playboy‘s January, 1971, centerfold nude and our Type IV/#H77.