Type IV/#M126: Elizabeth Sarah Barris

Barris, Elizabeth Sarah - Jewess, ns1facially, at least, the lovely Beth Sarah seems a fairly cryptic specimen of her race. Only a well-tuned Jewdar would produce a strong return. But her sexual physique – big tits on slender frame – is archetypally Jewish, as is the expressive behavior: note how the nude-yet-evasive Jewess looks just past, rather than at-camera. And a subtle coding – that rabbinical fringed scarf not quite concealing her pubes- is conclusive. See also: Teubal, Idith Sarah (Type III/#M120); Ottenstein, Jessica Sarah (III/#P156); Mogul, Liana Sarah (I/#A8); Blum, Stephanie Sarah (III/#D39); Holland, Kathy Sarah (I/#T197), etc.