Type IV/#M125: Lanie Sarah Slezak

Slezak, Lanie Sarah - Jewess, ns1curvaceous Jewess with very big tits, found at the BTPB tumblr site. But, except for the racial rack, dangerously cryptic. If the European and North American Whites, currently being genocided by the open-borders/kosher Culture-of-death-administering Tikkun Olas, ever rise up and strike back at the Jews…Lanie Sarah is the sort of Jewess who might still be ID’d and dealt with via name, direct interrogation and confession, documentary evidence, and/or an identification provided by a (((3rd party))). A dramatic instance of the latter – in this case, an early 1943 confrontation between a young, blond, blue-eyed cryptic Jewess, an escapee from the Warsaw Ghetto hiding out in the Aryan city, and a pre-war Jewish acquaintance now a working as a gestapo agent or “catcher” – is described by a Polish eyewitness:

               “Imagine meeting in this way, dear Mrs. Seidenman. Still so elegant, well, well…”                                                                                                                                                   “I won’t play games with you,” she answered calmly. “We can settle this.”                                                                                                                                                                 “What is it that we can settle….?”                                                                                         “How much do you want?”                                                                                                       “Mrs. Seidenman….”, Bronek answered, “neither rubles nor gold dollars can save you. I have my assigned quota.”                                                                       An empty rickshaw was passing by. He hailed it. They got in.”

                                                          – Andrerzej Szczypiorski, The Beautiful Mrs.                                                                      Seidenmen (NY, 1989), pp. 21-24

The Jewess, Irma Seidenman by name, was thus conveyed to Pawiak prison and immediately interrogated. She denied her Jewishness and might have gotten away with it, but for a keepsake cigarette lighter bearing her initials. A few hours later Irma Sarah was brought from her cell and ordered to undress, then led naked out into the prison courtyard and shot.