Type IV/#L113: Laura Sarah Lyons

Lyons, Laura Sarah - Jewess, and her actual name is Lyons
Lyons, Laura sarah - Jewess, name ID 01
Lyons, Laura Sarah - Jewess, name ID 02
Lyons, Laura sarah - Jewess, name ID 03
Lyons, Laura Sarah - Jewess, name ID 05
Lyons, Laura Sarah - Jewess, name ID 04
Lyons, Laura sarah - Jewess, bio
Lyons, Laura Sarah 10
Lyons, Laura Sarah 05

Lyons, Laura Sarah 06

slight sartorial hint of Jewishness in this shot; see also the other quasi-sephardic pic below…

Lyons, Laura Sarah 11
Lyons, Laura Sarah
Lyons, Laura Sarah - Jewess, ns11
Lyons, Laura sarah - Jewess, ns5
Lyons, Laura sarah - Jewess, NB pelvic slantnot to be confused with Jewish fitness maven Lisa Sarah Lyon (Type II/#M127), this Jewess was Playboy‘s February, 1976 centerfold nude. And a generally cryptic specimen of her race: it’s non-buxom, and nothing much Jewy about the face that I can detect…maybe something about the set of the eyes. The name, which is her own, is however near-definitive, and we do get a strong whiff of the (genetic) radical Tikkun Olam with her successful strike action aimed at getting club bunnies sexual access to keyholder$. Also note the sharply slanted pelvic structure and resultant high, prominent ass, typical of Jewesses who lack the racial rack:

Lyons, Laura Sarah - Jewess, ns1