Type IV/#L112: Cindy Sarah Fuller

Fuller, Cindy Sarah Jew- ID
Fuller, Cindy Sarah - Jewess, 04
Fuller, Cindy Sarah - Jewess, 03

Fuller, Cindy Sarah - Jewess, 02Fuller, a non-buxom (by Tribal standards) and somewhat de-racinated Jewess, was the May, 1959, Playboy centerfold nude…and did indeed “claim to be the first Jewish…”. S’truth, if you don’t count the dozen or so Jewesses that preceded her. And equally truthy the Jew legacy media’s gaslit chutzpah 42-years-later primacy claim for Lindsay Sarah Vuolo (Type V/#A1), PB‘s November 2001 centerfold subject….if you don’t count the more than 100 post-1953 kosher nudes (including Cindy Sarah) who preceded her. On this issue see the “Playboy’s Jewish Centerfolds” page