Type IV/#K107: Cindy Sarah Ornitz

Ornitz, Cindy Sarah - Hollywood Jewclan
Ornitz, Cindy Sarah - Jewess, ns101 001
Ornitz, Cindy Sarah - Jewess, ns104 001

Ornitz, Cindy Sarah - Jewess, ns 1 w ID
Ornitz, Cindy Sarah - Jewess, ns3 w ID
Ornitz, Cindy Sarah -Jewess, ns14
Ornitz, Cindy Sarah - Jewess, ns4
Ornitz, Cindy Sarah ns1

Ornitz, Cindy Sarah - mikveh2



















Ornitz, Cindy Sarah - Jewess, ns102 001








Cindy Sarah, an instructive case of kosher camouflage employing both genetic and cosmetic modes, is/was the daughter of  1930’s-60’s Hollywood Jew-communist screenwriter/novelist Schmuel, a.k.a. “Samuel” Ornitz (as referenced in Grimstad, Antizion, p. 165) and niece of Louis Ornitz (Cecil Eby, Between the Bullet and the Lie, pp. 256-57), a member of the Judeo-communist “Abraham Lincoln Brigade” of Spanish Civil War notoriety. The Ornitz exhibited her remarkably big-breasted, though otherwise somewhat facially-cryptic Jewishness in Mr. (August, 1971) and a number of other early to mid-1970’s pornmags. For a fact, when seen fully clothed (and wearing a kosher minimizer bra) her bi-valanced camouflage might be fairly effective…but when stripped, the contrast between Cindy Sarah’s fake-platinum blond hair and big tits crested with oversized, dark-brown nipples is somewhat jarring; one notes also that this subversive Hollywood Jewess neglected to dye her eyebrows and lashes.