Type IV/#J98: Jacquiline Sarah Stoessinger

Stoessinger, Jacquiline Sarah - Jewess, ns4another Dutch Jewess (see also previous specimen, ter Horst) found during a random “Jewess with big tits” search. And, racial rack aside, this seems to be a relatively cryptic specimen, what with the blond hair and undistinguished facial features. We do like the psychological vector, though, as this voluptuous Jewess stands buxom and bareassed before a mirror, reflecting her outward physical Jewishness while, eyes closed, she contemplates the Inner Jew. Incidentally, during WW II and thanks largely to the attentions of a Zionist-collaborationist Amsterdam Judenr├Ąt, some 70% of Dutch Jewry was deported “to the East”, most of whom eventually went to gas chamber or execution pit…with the Jewish Council members and their families, however, among the undeported survivors. The Chairman of the JC was a Johannes Stoessinger, and Jacqueline Sarah may well be a lineal descendant of same.