Type IV/#J90: Kathryn Sarah Morrison

Morrison, Kathryn Sarah - Jewess, w Jewish patronym
Morrison, Kathryn Sarah - Jewess, ns8
Morrison, Kathryn Sarah - Jewess, ns12
Morrison, Kathryn Sarah - Jewess, ns6
Morrison, Kathryn Sarah - Jewess, ns7
Morrison, Kathryn Sarah - Jewess, ns26Morrison, Kathryn Sarah - Jewess ns19
Morrison, Kathryn Sarah - Jewess, ns19
Morrison, Kathryn Sarah - Jewess, ns2
Morrison, Kathryn Sarah - Jewess, ns13
Morrison, Kathryn Sarah - Jewess, ns22a
Morrison, Kathryn Sarah - Jewess, her nude mikveh
Morrison, Kathryn Sarah - Jewess, at (actual) mikveh pool
Morrison, Kathryn Sarah - Jewess, ns20
Morrison, Kathyrn Sarah - Jewess, 01Kathryn Sarah, Playboy centerfold nude for May, 1978, is a most interesting crypto-Jew, with all sorts of subtle and not-so-subtle racial vectors. First being the kosher patronym, which is her own. And, though there’s not much physical Jewishness to her – she’s non-buxom, and the facial features are more Nordic/Anglo-Saxon, via prior generation genetic capture – the Morrison’s expressive behavior is almost definitionally Jewish: unsmiling and aversive throughout, with a heavy dollop of Chosen People inwardness. Third, one of her main shootings, as above, literally evokes the traditional mikveh…the monthly ritual immersion done by orthodox Jewesses; using, in fact, an actual, rustic, shtetl-like mikveh pool (note chair in which the Rabbi would normally sit, to watch the Jewess disrobe and nude, enter the pool). Also significant is the vulgar poem accompanying her calender shot, written by one of Playboy‘s Jewish editors, which refers to an issue sometimes affecting the intimate relations between male and female Jews, and referenced in Jewish literature as the “I’m sorry, dear…” situation: the Jew’s tendency, when confronted with the nude, hypersexual body of a Jewess, to ejaculate prematurely (“come too soon…”) and thus leave the Jewess in an agony of frustration, and soon to seek solace elsewhere. Back when, while making a delivery to one of the Madison Avenue ad agencies, I encountered one such solace seeker; an elegant, breathtakingly beautiful Jewess with remarkably big tits, wearing a black sweater taut against a full brassiere, a heavy gold chain around her neck from which hung an oversized, gold Hebrew star, form-fitting slacks hugging a high, tight ass, a bit taller than usual, and chiseled Ashekenazic facial features with jet-black hair tied back in a traditional bun. On our first date she blurted out that, at age 22, she was “still a virgin”. When I expressed surprise, the Jewess stated matter-factly that she had gone through a half-dozen kosher boyfriends, all of whom, during the first (and last) intimate encounter had been unable to sustain an erection or, upon touching or merely seeing her hypersexual, nude, big-breasted Jewish body, had ejaculated prematurely and then lost interest in the proceedings. Our relationship, however, was also doomed…the Jewess’s violent sexuality turned out to be, literally, dangerous, and her financial and time demands…unpossible.