Type IV/#i89: Ruth Sarah Langer

Langer, Ruth Sarah - Jewess, data + ID
Langer, Ruth Sarah - Jewess, 01
Langer, Ruth Sarah - Jewess - orig search find1920’s -1930’s Vienna Jewess who, at age 21, was (not) aboard one of several large transports of Austrian and Czech Jews deported to Minsk and shot during the “Einsatz Reinhard” reprisal operations which followed the May, 1942 (Zionist) assassination of SD-chief Heydrich in Prague; at this time the Third Reich’s military and civilian economic bureaucracies – who wanted to use the Jews as forced labor – were gaining ascendancy over the SS and Police who, for ideological and security-related reasons, wanted to liquidate them. Not good, from the viewpoint of Churchill’s Zionist handlers, who were looking to maximize postwar traction for the Israel project by maximizing the “holocaust” body-count, and thus laid on the Heydrich hit precisely in order to swing the balance back toward extermination. That worked.  As to the svelte, athletic Ruth Sarah (who skipped off to Italy, then Britain, post-Anschluss), we find the face and figure quite cryptic, and so a Type IV specimen