Type IV/#i84: Connie Sarah Hilsberg

Hilsberg, Connie Sarah - Jewess, ns1 , corr'dConnie Sarah, a quite cryptic Jewess, was a during the mid-1980’s a student at San Francisco State U. with a major in radical politics, and a minor in off-campus classical dance: at a North Beach men’s club, wearing – as seen here – only her ballet shoes. Here the camera captures a bareassed Hilsberg in an archetypal racial moment as, nude and pensive, she relaxes backstage after a performance and contemplates her inward Jewishness with the aid of a (((Hands of Miriam))) necklace. For other Tribal ballerinas in this documentation, some performing or practicing their art in the nude, see also Diamond, Aleska Sarah; Winder, Kristine Sarah; Kistler, Darci Sarah; Jaffe, Susan Sarah; Rich, Giselle Sarah; Schwartzberg, Nanette Sarah; and etc.