Type IVc/#Z283: Karlie Sarah Kloss

Kloss, Karlie Sarah - Jewess, ID
Kloss, Karlie Sarah - Jewess, ns1
Kloss, Karlie Sarah - Jewess, ns3

Kloss, Karlie Sarah - Jewess, ns2

haute couture model of mixed German-Jewish/Danish ancestry, who eventually converted to ideological Judaism as well. And photographed by a co-ethnic lensman. Pretty cryptic though: non-buxom (with compensatory high ass), and nothing much racial about the facial features. Quite likely that this sort of thing – mischlinge to any degree and voluntarily embracing Judaism itself – will, during any eventual resolution of the Jew problem in ‘Murika, be treated as unambiguously Jewish…as was often the case in Europe during WWII. For the present, though, we’ll classify Karlie Sarah as an “honorary” Jewess. See also the previous 3 shabbatz goyettes: Cyrus, Miley Sarah; ¬†Monroe, Marilyn Sarah; and Trump-Kushner, Ivanka Sarah.¬†