Type IV/#H70: Genevieve Sarah Cixoux

Cixoux, Genevieve Sarah 01

physically, a near-100% cryptic French Jewess: straight hair, milk-white skin, non-buxom, assimilated facial features. But it’s all just camouflage: as indicated by the self-identifying, aggressively Tribal jew-elry, Geneviève Sarah is 100% in touch with her Inner Jew. Currently – despite the Zionists’ best efforts to herd them into Palestine by importing Muslim terrorists into Europe – more than 500,000 Jews reside in France, up (despite the intervening Holocaust) from 325,000 in 1940. This is the world’s 4th largest Jewish biomass, exceeded only by Russia (c. 1,000,000 Jews), Zionist-occupied Palestine (c. 3.5 million Jews in actual residence), and Zionist-controlled America (c. 7,000,000 Jews)