Type IV/#G66: Erin Sarah Zigler

Zigler, Erin Sarah - Jew ID
Zigler, Erin Sarah - Jewess, ns1another rare survivor from the old 4Chan Jew-thread, and it’s a young, well-camouflaged Jewess who might fly under all but the most precisely- tuned Jewdar. There is “something” about the face, but it’s as much a matter of expression as physiognomy…other than this, there’s only the ultra-princessy limp wrists; see also: Krein, Marla Sarah; Feldenkreis, Mae Sarah; etc. In fact the Zigler – and her somewhat sad, wan, resigned facial expression – brings to mind a well-known incident during the WW II Jewish catastrophe in Europe, an incident which illustrates how many Jews understood that the drastic situation they found themselves in was simply the ultimate, negative expression of their own Jewishness. Himmler, the Reichsfuehrer-SS, happened to be present during a late-1941 liquidation of Minsk ghetto Jews; he noticed a couple of slim, blond girls – not unlike Erin Sarah – waiting naked near the execution pit, then walked over and told them they didn’t “look Jewish” and that, if they wished, they could return to the ghetto while their backgrounds were further investigated. But the young Jewesses refused the offer, frankly admitting their Jewishness. Himmler nodded, stepped away, whereupon both were brought to the pit and shot.