Type IV/#G60: Palina Sarah Rojinski

Rojinski, Palina Sarah 02


Rojinski, Palina Sarah - Jewess, IDRojinski, Palina Sarah 04
















Rojinski, Palina Sarah 03

Rojinski, Palina Sarah 05

Russian Jewess, born 1985, later invaded Deutschland and got involved in the usual, kosher media stuff. Palina Sarah certainly bares the racial rack, also that red undertint to the hair that one frequently sees with Type III specimens; but – at least to this researcher – no obvious Jewish physiognomy…hence a crypto. IOTW the sort of big-breasted Jewess whose Jewishness, in a certain eventuality, might only be established via the joys of direct – and full nude – interrogation, i.e. during which the Jewess’s very nakedness (all other stimuli aside) facilitates her confession.