Type IV/#F59: Emily Sarah Bronfman, alias “Emily Born”

Bronfman, Emily Sarah - Jewess, ns4, alias 'Emily Born'

Bronfman, Emily Sarah 01born Jewish, then changed name. Emily Sarah’s facial features are indeed cryptic, but the heavy tits, big nipples, secretive expression, and guilt-driven, defensive, off-angling of the head activated this researcher’s Jewdar. Maybe a  few other shots of this big-breasted Jewess floating around the ‘net, and will add when found…and here we go (6/26/16):

Bronfman, Emily Sarah - Jewess, ns2and also note: tense, elegant positioning of the right hand in this shot

and another, via the Jew-infested “cleavage-addiction” site:

Bronfman, Emily Sarah - Jewess, w name ID, alias 'Emily Born'