Type IV/#E42: Teri Sarah Hatcher

Hatcher, Teri Sarah - Jew ID 02
Hatcher, Teri Sarah - Jew ID
Hatcher, Teri Sarah - Jewess, ns3
Hatcher, Terre Sarah - Jewess, ns4
Hatcher, Terri Sarah - Jewess, ns2well, well…this one coulda fooled me. And did, for awhile. Turns out the mother – Esther Beshur – was a Syrian (sephardic) Jewess; and that Teri Sarah – like many halvsies and cryptos – married her mom-captured non-Jew genetics back into the Tribe; and, in order to physically camouflage her own Jewishness, had radical cosmetic surgery…both breast-reduction and facial

Hatcher, Teri Sarah - Jewess, before cosmetic de-Jewing