Type IV/#C23: Anna Sarah Kournikova

Kournikova, Anna Sarah - Jewess, ns3 - 2x


Kournikova, Anna Sarah - Jewess, ns2 - 2x


Kournikova, Anna Sarah - Jewess, ns1during the 1990’s this physically-cryptic but high-profile Tennis Princess $chmoozed her way to fame and fortune – photoshoots, calenders, lucrative TV ads, etc. – without ever, during her entire career, winning a professional singles title on the Women’s Tour. Not. One. Well-known (and jealously-regarded) on the Tour as a tantrum-throwing, Tribally-networked Jew, Kournikova these days wears the Cross and claims to be a “Christian”, but all this is mere artifice. Toward the end of her playing days, this researcher saw a televised exhibition match between Anna Sarah and Monica Seles; Kournikova was, as usual, being trounced by a superior athlete, and the camera happened to pan in on her just when she lunged for a shot, missed, and out from her blouse popped a gold chain from which depended a diamond-encrusted Hebrew star. The Jewess glanced around to see if anyone had noticed (only a few million viewers)…then hastily re-concealed her Tribal jew-elry.