Type IV/#C22: Irma Sarah Margolin, alias “Irma Madigan”

Margolin, Irma Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Irma Madigan'Irma Sarah might almost be the (Jewish) ingĂ©nue whose “richly-sloping tits” are mentioned in Mario Puzo’s The Godfather, as she is led nude to the kosher casting couch by Hollywood (Jew) movie director Woltz. In reality, despite similar exertions, Margolin got only a single bit-part in the movie version of (Jewish) author Harold Robbins’ The Adventurers – an execution scene, for which she is seen here disrobing (Playboy, December 1969) – and which ultimately wound up on the cutting-room floor, along with her acting career. Still, it’s likely that this very big-breasted (though otherwise somewhat cryptic) Jewess found other remunerative employment in sex-saturated (Jew) Hollywood.