Type IV/#B10: Suzanne Sarah Pritzker, alias “Suzanne Pritchard”

Pritzker, Suzanne Sarah ns6
Pritzker, Suzanne Sarah ns5
Pritzker, Susanne Sarah ns4




























impressive racial rack aside, there’s nothing obviously kosher about the Prizker’s facial or other features. Susan Sarah is thus a strong case of Jewish ethno-crypsis…as were many of the most prolific 1950’s – 60’s exotic dancers and pin-up models. Some less cryptic: Louise Sarah Rischman (II/#A9, alias “Julie Williams”), Donna Sarah Brownstein (II/#B10, alias “Busty Brown”), Nell Sarah Kessler (II/#Q167, alias “Sydney Hearthstone), Candace Sarah Eulau (page pending, alias ‘Candy Earle”), etc.