Type IV/#A6: Roberta Sarah Singer, alias “Roberta Pedon”

Singer, Roberta Sarah - 'Latvian-Jewish'
Singer, Roberta Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Roberta Pedon', Jew ID 01
Singer, Roberta Sarah - Jew ID 02

Singer, Roberta Sarah - Jew ID 03

Singer, Roberta Sarah - Jew ID 04

Singer, Roberta Sarah 09

...consulting with her Rabbi

…consulting with her Rabbi

Singer, Roberta Saeah - ns35

Singer, Roberta Sarah - ns34

Singer, Roberta Sarah NS6678
Singer, Roberta Sarah - Jewess, ns44, alias 'Roberta Pedon'

Singer, Roberta Sarah 46

archetypal Jewshot 112 - Roberta Sarah Singer

note the hint of self-mockery in the Roberta Sarah’s facial expression. The Jewess is shamelessly proud of her great tits…but also understands that the racial rack signals her Jewishness, which she would like to conceal.

Singer, Roberta Sarah - modest 02

a noticeably buxom Jewess, with more than 150 nude magazine photo layouts and videos, Roberta Sarah ranks as the most prolific porn-model of the 1970’s-80’s …exceeding even Joyce Sarah Mandelkorn (Type I/#A1, alias “Joyce Gibson”with c. 120 layouts), Stephanie Sarah Blum (Type III/#, alias “Linda Gordon”, with c. 100 layouts), Rebecca Sarah Brenner (page pending, c. 70 layouts, alias “Becky Clay”) and the other top dozen porn-models of the era…all the rest of whom were, of course, also kosher. While most sites that maintain galleries on this big-breasted Jewess mention her ethnicity, considerable confusion remains about the actual name and general biography. Some claim that her real name is “Grantovskis” and that she is/was of Baltic-Jewish ancestry; in fact “Grantovskis” was the name of a (Jewish) exotic dancer friend of hers, already deceased, the name then appropriated by Roberta Sarah in one of many – rather successful – efforts to cover her tracks. I believe her actual name is as given in the Jewish-texted Nymphette layout and – having seen her dance in the nude at Jax, a Men’s club at Lex and 43rd in NYC during the early 1970’s and there overheard some of her shop talk (about her brother’s Bar Mitzvah) – that she was in fact out of the Williamsburg, Brooklyn Hasidic community; for a fact, like many Hasidim, she has light skin and bronze-colored hair. And in her linked “Video I”, as well the final shot below, you will get an indication of some very specific, inbred, Hasidic physiognomy. Singer then wandered westward to L.A. and San Francisco, where most of her nude modeling took place and, as well, got involved in radical Jewpolitics and heavy drug usage. Not untypically for femmeJews of that or any era, and no surprise given the generally aversive-morbid psychology evident in most of her shots, Roberta Sarah self-destructed some time during the early-1980’s; according to this source (note also Judaic tributes), on July 30th, 1982, at 28 years of age:

Singer, Roberta Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Roberta Pedon', death data

Singer, Roberta Sarah - Jewess, alias 'Roberta Pedon', death data, kosher tributes 02

Not being a student of the Jewish Bible, I was not aware that the Mosaic proto-Jews so explicitely celebrated their attempted genocide of the Egyptians….which led to the so-called “Exodus”, i.e., the surviving Egyptians rose up and kicked them out. Thus then, and now some additional shots of the of this hypersexual, big-tits-on-slender-frame Jewess:

Singer - classic re-take

Singer, Roberta Sarah 54

Singer, Roberta sarah - ns2

subtle but specific Hasidic-Jew facial features visible in this spontaneous, naturalistic shot, which also exquisitely highlights the Jewess’s heavy, pendulous tits…

Singer, Roberta Sarah 53

Singer, Roberta Sarah - ns22

Singer, Roberta Sarah - her mikveh

Singer, Roberta Sarah - ns20

Singer - exquisite disrobing shot

Singer - classic t + a

Singer, Roberta Sarah 30

Singer, Roberta Sarah - ns13

Singer, Roberta Sarah - ns10
Singer, Roberta Sarah ns441

Singer, Roberta Sarah 41

Singer - reflecting 4

Singer - pensive 5

Singer, Roberta Sarah - classic 01

…and Roberta Sarah’s Hasidic facial features seem even more evident here.