Type I/#T195: Veronica Sarah Zemanova

Zemenova, Veronica Sarah - Jew ID
Zemenova, Veronika Sarah 17
Zemenova, Veronika 24
Zemenova, Veronika Sarah 10
Zemanova, Veronika 04
Zemenova, Veronika Sarah 03
Zemenova, Veronika Sarah 02
Zemenova, Veronika Sarah 01Czech Jewess, born near Prague c. 1975, later wandered with family to U.S. and very active in both porn and glamour modeling along the way. Veronica Sarah is another archetypal “beautiful”, i.e. hypersexual, ashkenazic Jewess: high cheekbones, full lips, big tits on a very slender frame, dusky undertone to her skin, etc. Expressive behavior also at par: generally sullen, unsmiling, aversive, in short, well in touch with her Inner Jew. One notices, incidentally, there’s latterly been an explosion of  topheavy “Czech” and “Ukrainian” erotic models…gotten to the point where the words have become yet another code….for “Jewish”. Cf. in this documentation: Passtel, Ala Sarah; Zakova, Anya Sarah; Kleinova, Liselle Sarah; Nova, Yulia Sarah; etc.