Type I/#T193: Robin Sarah Levy

Levy, Robin Sarah 01
Levy, Robin Sarah 04
Levy, Robin Sarah - Jewess, 2x, in PB Apr. 1981

Levy displayed kosher T&A in the April, 1981 edition of Playboy and in several PB Special Editions. An interesting and seductive specimen of her race, both physically and psychologically: rather well-marked ashkenazic facial features, especially evident in the clothed shot, but – and this is indeed rare for the normally guilt-burdened, aversive-pensive Jewess – a bright smile while looking directly at-camera in the topless + g-string shots. Apparently Robin Sarah thought that an alias (“Robin Larson”, not used by PB‘s Jewish editors) and her fake-blond hair would be sufficient ethnic camouflage. Not so, Jewess. We may also note two additional racial-genetic vectors: Jewtits crested by a pair of dramatic, prominent nipples, and a subtle, anxiety-driven defensive gesture, the raised right hand. And below: exhausted by her erotic labors, a bare-assed Levy relaxes in the nude…

Levy, Robin Sarah 03