Type I/#S188: Yehudit Sarah Schaffner

Schaffner, Yehudit Sarah - Jewess, ns99, w ID
Schaffner, Yehudit Sarah - Jewess, POB codeanother NYC Jewess, captured by an alert lensman at Coney Island beach. With the usual, cerebral, People of the Book coding. And a well-marked kosher profile, esp. the overhung nose. And there’s something else about Yehudit Sarah’s Jewishness…what could it be….maybe…very big tits? Yes, that’s it. The HJW website is, incidentally, now defunct. Likely due to hostile (((enemy))) action. No problem. That clientele is welcome @ TSJ4, where any number of delectable (and usually heavily-racked) Jewesses remain to be served up.