Type I/#R172: ‘Stasia Sarah Bodansky

Bodansky, 'Stasia Sarah - Jewess, ns2

Bodansky, 'Stasia Sarah - Jewess, ns3

a petite, buxom Russian Jewess who, unlike the previous specimen, has yet to make the usual aliyah to Zionist-occupied Palestine…and then un-aliyah to Zion-controlled America. ‘Stasia Sarah has evident high hopes of making the Olympic weight-lifting team, but they’re bound to be disappointed: with breasts this big barely contained in her present leotard, she’s just too likely to have an embarrassing “uniform malfunction”. But the Bodansky, as a classic LJBT – little Jewess with big tits – has already achieved a certain immortality: a page of her very own at The Seductive Jewess. Incidentally, ‘Stasia Sarah…any-body can lower a barbell…but can you lift it up again?

Bodansky, 'Stasia Sarah - Jewess, ns1without liberating a tit? or both?