Type I/#J96: Gal Sarah Gadot

Gadot, Gal Sarah - Jewess, ns1
Gadot, Gal Sarah - Jewess, ns2
Gadot, Gal Sarah - Jewess, ns3
Gadot, Gal Sarah 01well-constructed Jewess, actress and model, currently occupying Palestine on America’s dime. Gal Sarah’s ashkenazic facial features are quite well-marked, earning her a relatively low-number T/I classification; but we object strenuously to Zyklon B’s and Lolocaustianity’s characterization of her as a “goblin untermensch”: really, the Gadot is just another seductive, parasitic Zionist. Whose stalker troubles bring to mind another recent episode in the annals of “antisemitic” false flags. In the aftermath of the 2016 U.S. election, SCREAMING HEADLINES in assorted Jewish media, online and MSM, about tombstones being overturned in Jewish cemeteries, bloodcurdling telephone threats to Jewish community centers, and so forth and so on. Shabbatz goy Prez Donald Trump promptly issued a withering denunciation of  “anti-semitism” and proclaimed undying love for all things Jewish. It was later determined that the tombstones, untended for decades, had fallen over on their own…and all the threats originated from a phone number in Israel. Still waiting for the Jews’ retractions…still waiting…still waiting….still…w…