Type II/#Z360: Maura Sarah Leinster

Leinster, Maura Sarah - Jewess, ns2 001
Leinster, Maura Sarah - Jewess, ns4 001
Leinster, Maura Sarah - Jewess, ns3 001Leinster, Maura Sarah - Jewess, ns5 001Leinster, Maura Sarah - Jewess, ns1 001an almost-but-not-quite-cryptic Jewess…who appeared nude in GalleryGenesis, and a few other mid-to-late 1970’s skinmags.  On the one hand, Maura Sarah is relatively tall, non-buxom, and the facial features are not obviously kosher; but there’s something about the lips (compare to Stein, Katerina Sarah, alias Katerina vanden Heuval), noticeable in the shot just above, and she’s got that diamond-shaped or otherwise upward extended swatch of sexual hair seen on a number of other unshaven Jewesses in this documentation: Schore, Rosen, Edelstein, Ovadia, etc. Other, more subtle (((vectors))) would be the Leinster’s cool, unsmiling sensuality – she’s definitely in touch with her Inner Jew – and the heavy, Judaic fringed shawl: see also Mogul, Blum, Barris, and others. Basically, on an untuned, fresh-off-the-shelf Jewdar, this one might not register at all; but an a well-tuned instrument (via close study of TSJ4), Maura Sarah would produce a return sufficiently strong to mobilize prophylactic measures before she could do damage to essential infrastructure.