Type II/#Z279: Lauren Sarah Spanjar

Spanjar, Lauren Sarah - Jewess, artist repr + txt 1
Spanjar, Lauren Sarah - Jewess, txt 2Spanjar, Lauren Sarah - Jewess, txt 3an archetypal Jewess (as interviewed by another Jewess), yet somehow hard to classify. Her name “Spanjar” (usually as “Spanier”) sometimes indicates sephardic (Type V) ancestry, but can also indicate an Ashekenaz (Types I-IV). And the grainy part-facial shot provided by the Jewess herself might – or might not – indicate mild Khazarian facial features. One thing’s certain: with her LJBT (little Jewess with big tits) sexual physique, she’s no crypto…and in the interview correctly and honestly attributes her racial rack to “Jewish genes”. So for the time being the Spanjar is a high# T2. Incidentally, during my racially-unenlightened (pre-Ellen Michaels) college daze, I dated a number of LJBT’s including one so big-breasted yet petite and narrow-shouldered that she had to get her brassieres (c. 30F) custom-made by a (Jewish) seamstress. Eventually she went to Israel…not to stay, just to get a tit-reduction.