Type II/#Y243: Lore Sarah Talzingler

Talzingler, Lore Sarah - Jewess, ns2
Talzingler, Lore Sarah - Jewess, ns1actually, this young, slender Jewess looks a tad cold…cold as death: spreadeagled, nude, eyes closed, terminally relaxed as if post-execution. ¬†And, though not as common a kosher identificatory trope as the People-of-the-Book and other Jewish codings (see the Special Categories page), a number of similar examples – let’s call it “Death Becomes Her” – may be found in this documentation. Cf. Sophie Sarah Fenichel (II/#Z260):

Fenichel, Sophie Sarah - Jewess, ns2


& Christina Sarah Leardini (V/#E45):

Leardini, Christina Sarah 18


& Nadya Sarah Schumeyko (IV/#H71):

Shumeyko, Nadja Sarah 09

& etc.