Type II/#X235: Erika Sarah Florsheim

Florsheim, Erika Sarah - Jewess, ns1bra-wearing Erika Sarah features the usual imposing racial rack…and a nose of definite ethnicity as well. But her pensive, sensual, sublimely submissive attitude is an equally strong Tribal vector, an attitude which brings to mind a remarkable individual drama during the slow liquidation of the Minsk ghetto in White Russia during WW II. On a mid-February day in 1943, a dozen or so German and Russian Jewesses were being shot in the Jewish Cemetery outside the ghetto…somewhat apart from the others, who had already stripped and were lined up at the edge of the execution pit, and having herself all but undressed, a young, big-breasted Jewess much like Erika Sarah stood with arms behind her back, fumbling with the catch of her brassiere; eventually she approached an SS-officer named Mikkelsen and said, “Will you help a Jewish girl take off her bra?” Mikkelsen stepped behind her and removed the offending garment, then watched as the nude ran to the execution pit and was shot with the others. Whereupon he held up the girl’s oversized bra for all to see, then folded and put it in his pocket, keeping it, he said, “in memory of a beautiful Jewess”. (Ehrenburg and Grossman, Black Book, p. 173)