Type II/#X234: Megan Sarah Amram

Amram, Megan 01 001descendent  of  1950’s-70’s Jew-communist David Amram, Megan Sarah is a current, feverishly active and race-typical member of an Anglo-Euro legacy media that is overwhelmingly Jewish in ownership and control, and merely heavily Jewish in up-front personnel. Also typical: her “sexism” meme, which is part of the ongoing – and so far very successful – Tikkun Olam attack on masculinity, normal sexuality, and White reproduction. In fact, the radical feminist Jewess Gloria Sarah Steinem (page pending) has recently decreed that in the future “there will no longer be gender…”. So one begins to suspect that the ultimate Jewish project may be the extinction of all human life….themselves included. The means to which have been provided, indeed, by Jewish physics, while the Jews have throughout their bloody history (see also: now) often gone out of their way to provoke not only revolutions and wars in general, but anti-Jewish violence in particular. Which they then use to reinforce their Tribal sense of “Chosen” Jewishness, intensify their A#1 Victim Group-Entitlement status, and justify their own genocidal intentions toward the goyim, Whites in particular