Type II/#J92: Jody Sarah Marcus

Marcus, Jody Sarah...a 17-year-old Jewess with heavy, pendulous titsJody Sarah, a 17-year-old kosher co-ed at Boston U., is seen wearing a traditional (and revealingly low-cut) traditional Hebraic dress during a visit to Zionist-occupied Palestine. Minus bra the young Jewess teasingly displays a pair of heavy, remarkably pendulous tits (her seductive smile says, “wouldn’t you like to lift and fondle these, and kiss my nipples?”), while manifesting her genetic Jewishness in other ways as well: luxuriant, naturally waved hair; bushy eyebrows; chin slightly dimpled; and lips which, while less thick than usual, still show that wolfish curl. Jody Sarah’s specific age and intense mental and physical Jewishness thus bring to mind an individual drama from the Jewish catastrophe in WW II Europe, as reported in September of 1942 by a mixed German-Polish harvest gathering unit in eastern Poland, and involving another adolescent Jewess who understood that her drastic situation was no more than the ultimate, negative fulfillment of her own Jewishness:

               “…a 17-year-old Jewess turned herself in and requested to be shot. Her parents had already been shot, and she referred to an alleged Fuehrer Order according to which all Jews have to be done away with by the end of the year. Since the Jewess was an escapee, we turned her over to competent offices for further treatment.”

(Yivo Inst. for Jewish Research, Microfilm file Occ E 2-2)